Newly-developed Braised Meat Cheats to share with you

Want to learn authentic fool chicken and braised meat?

I am afraid of a thousand recruits, I am afraid of a fresh recruit, I am a stuntman, since childhood engaged in cooked food processing and production business, now is not a year of doubt, is willing to save half a year to share with you.

I have a real authentic fool chicken recipe and production techniques. You can try to eat first and then exchange.

Second, as we all know, in the field of cooked food production, the three major problems that have long plagued the world's elite teachers and various factions are:

1 Whether it's a red sauce or a sizzling pork, it's always cheeky when it comes to cooking. If you don't want to go, it will turn gloomy and devoid of appetite after half a day. People are discouraged.
2 The meat of more than ten yuan and twenty yuan, when they were freshly cooked, arrived at night, but they suffered a lot of injuries, and they could add up to several dozens or even hundreds of pieces, causing heavy losses.
3 If the meat you buy cannot be eaten on the same day, it will be eaten the next day. Because the moisture in the skin evaporates, it becomes difficult to chew and it cannot swallow.

With only three kinds of these factors, many cooked food enthusiasts have been left alone for months or months, but unfortunately closed their doors and their confidence and financial resources have been hit hard. Some people did not even understand the truth.
Although I was involved at a young age, I was also plagued by this problem. After a long period of trial and error, with my half-baked shop experience, and on the basis of traditional sauces, I added modern ingredients and techniques. I finally developed a new style at the end of 2000. Sauce, this sauce is clear and transparent, 100% pure natural ingredients. The freshly-kneaded meat is put into this sauce and gently sticked. After it is put out, it is like putting on a thin layer of clothes to form a layer of airtight protective film that really solves the problem that you repeatedly upset. Make your products shine forever, never fade, buy the meat, put on a week, still as soft as the original, not only without losing moisture, it is important to increase a lot of weight, a friend joke that you One day the light touched the sauce on the meat for half a barrel. There was no cost for nearly a thousand dollars. It was a good deal!
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