Ningbo Beilun takes the lead in implementing the food safety chain warehousing logistics quality and safety traceability system

Ningbo Beilun takes the lead in implementing the food safety chain warehousing logistics quality and safety traceability system

A few days ago, a batch of frozen beef from Australia was transported to the warehouse of Ningbo Xinggang Cold Chain Logistics Co., Ltd. through Ningbo Zhoushan Port. The operators then uploaded the data of the frozen beef into and out of the warehouse, storage temperature control, and temperature control during transportation. To the cold chain warehousing logistics quality and safety traceability system. It is reported that Beilun District is the first in the city to implement the quality and safety traceability system for food cold chain warehousing and logistics. At present, the system has been officially put into operation.

It is understood that the system is a logistics quality and safety traceability system constructed by using technologies such as Internet of Things, radio frequency identification and mobile GIS . It can effectively collect the basic information of cold chain logistics enterprises, basic product information and product logistics information, and record the storage supervision department for cold. All kinds of special inspections and daily inspections of chain enterprises, through platform integration, display, statistics, early warning, and finally information sharing.

Ningbo Zhoushan Port is the largest import chain of cold chain logistics in Zhejiang Province, while the import of cold chain food in Beilun District accounts for nearly 60% of the city's cold chain food imports. For imported foods, people tend to focus on production links as well as terminal retail and catering, while ignoring logistics. In fact, many foods are perishable. Only transportation, transfer, storage and transportation are in the cold chain environment, so as to ensure freshness, nutrition and food safety. Therefore, cold chain food quality traceability system for cold chain food production It is especially necessary to “ process reengineer ” and manage the “ informatization ” of the industrialization process .

" If a certain frozen beef has food safety problems, we can know the import and export situation through the system, find the source and prevent the product from continuing to be listed in time to prevent the damage from expanding. " The relevant person in charge of the Beilun District Market Supervision Bureau said that the next step The system will be fully implemented in the cold chain logistics enterprises in the whole region, and the central kitchen and school cold chain distribution enterprises will be gradually incorporated into the system.

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