Non-nuclear Lam processing

No nuclear Lam, as the name suggests is to remove Lamium nuclear products, mainly to facilitate the consumption, but in addition to the nuclear need to consume a lot of labor, its flavor can be prepared and flavor type. Processing techniques are as follows:
1. Raw material treatment: use semi-finished raw material as raw material, first remove nuclear after desalting, use artificial beat to make laver crack and strip Lam nucleus, and then carry out desalination of olive embryo, which can shorten the time of soaking and desalination, which is better than desalination of whole embryo. Reduce the time by half and retain 3 to 5% salt.
2. Preparation of sugar solution: With 40% concentration of sugar liquid, 25 kg of sugar is required, that is, 50 kg of embryos need 25 kg of sugar. Add 2% salt, 1% citric acid, and 0.1% sodium benzoate to the sugar solution. Boil the mixture of sugar and add the embryo. Dipping.
3, in order to shorten the production cycle, the use of soaking, cooking combined with translucent sugar process. Cooking directly can speed up the speed of transglutaminase, because the olives have a certain degree of firmness after being salted and will not be boiled, but they cannot be cooked for a long time. Generally, the heating time of ten minutes is enough. This method of soaking and boiled sugar is generally completed in about a week, and a small amount of licorice powder can be mixed with the sugar.
4, baking: Bake at 65 °C to half dry, moisture content of 22 to 24%.
5. Packaging: Olive foods can be packaged one by one, both hygienic and packaged.
The flavors of the products mentioned above are of the flavor type. The so-called flavor type is sweet, sweet and salty. The flavors are relatively soft, and the flavor is not prominent. Especially salty and sour are not prominent. This flavor is also more popular.

Analgin  /Diyron /Metamizol Injection 0.5mg/2ml  2.5g/5ml
Tablet  0.5g
Celecoxib Capsule 200mg 10x10`s/Box
Diclofenac Sodium Inj.  75mg/3Ml 5's/Tray/Box
Ibuprofene Tablet  0.2g  0.4g
Syrup 100mg/5ml 25ml
Indomethacin Capsule 25mg 1000's/Tin
Paracetamol Tablet  0.5g  0.3g
Injection 300mg/2ml
Infusion  1g/100ml
Piroxicam Capsule 20mg ; 40mg
Injection 20mg/2ml
Dexamethason  Phosphate Inj. 4mg/Ml 5x5amps/Tray/Box
Hydrocortisone Sodium Succinate Powder Injection 100mg 50vials/Box
Levonorgestrol Tablet  0.75mg 10`s x10/Box
Levonorgestrel +Ethinylestradiol Tablet 0.15mg+0.03mg 21`s/Blister
Prednisolone Tablet   5mg 1000's/Tin
Progesterone Oil Inj. 20mg/Ml ,25mg/Ml 100amps/Box
Testosterone Proplonate Oil Inj.10mg/Ml  25mg/Ml 10'sx10tray/Box
Triamcinolone acetonide Inj. 80mg/2ml 10`s/Box
Adrenine Injection 1mg/Ml 10`s/Box
Atracurium Besylate Powder for inj. 25mg/2.5ml; 50mg/5ml 1`s/Box
Atropine Inj. 1mg/Ml 10'sx10tray/Box
Chlopromazine Hcl Injection 25mg/2ml 100`S/Box
Diazepam Inj. Inj. 20mg/2Ml 10`S/Box
Promethazine Inj. 25mg/2ml 10'sx10tray/Box
Ambroxol HCL syrup 30mg/5ml  100mL 1Bottle/Box
Aminophilline Injection 0.25g 10ml 50's/Box
Salbutamol Aerosol 100mcg/Dose 200Doses  1bottle/Box
Beclomethasone Dipropionate Aerosol  100mcg 200doses 1`s/Box
Xylometazoline Nasal drop   0.1% 10Ml Plastic Vial
Diosmin Tablet Tablet 500mg 10`sx10/Box
Metformini Hcl Tablet 0.25g 1000's/Tin
Orlistat Tablet  120mg 10x10`s/Box
Vecuronium Bromide Powder for Injection 4mg 1Vial/Box

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