Non-polluted vegetable production technology

Fertilizing technology Pollution-free vegetable production emphasizes the use of rich organic substances such as livestock and poultry manure, green manure, cover crops, and compost. Topdressing organic fertilizer can improve soil structure, maintain decomposition of soil moisture and nutrients, and increase plant resistance. Organic fertilizers generally decompose slowly, so they should be applied earlier (three weeks or more) to promote soil nutrient decomposition and plant absorption. Before the application of organic fertilizer should be well cooked to avoid poisoning and disease. The decomposing of organic fertilizers is generally accomplished through the composting process. The current composting process involves conventional composting and fast composting. Traditional compost uses only microorganisms in organic fertilizers for natural fermentation. Fermentation time is usually 1 to 3 months or even longer. Quick compost is mainly used to inoculate a composting raw material with a microbial fermentation bacterium, artificially accelerating the fermentation process, generally only 1 Week ~ 3 weeks. Pest control The pollution-free vegetable cultivation mainly uses biological, physical and cultivation measures to control pests and diseases. The main measures include: 1) Selection of resistant varieties and virus-free seedlings 2) Adopting a reasonable crop rotation system, such as vegetable, fruit and vegetable, and grain Dish, cauliflower and other patterns. 3) The use of biological pesticides, such as Bt control of cabbage caterpillars, EB-82 fleas control aphids, Verticillium lecanii control whitefly and so on. 4) Use natural enemies, or release natural enemies, such as ladybugs, grasshoppers, or plant some cover crops to trap natural enemies. 5) Physical measures. For example, in the greenhouse plant insect nets, or the use of high-temperature radiation, or artificial removal of infected plants and larvae. 6) Tillage measures, implement residue cover, control weeds, reduce the occurrence of soil-borne pests, rational irrigation, such as the use of drip irrigation, lowering the temperature, irrigation in the morning to avoid the wet at night, immersed in water in summer, eliminate nematodes. 7) Use trapping and repellents, such as silver gray film to repel aphids, and yellow plates to kill aphids.

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