Nutritious brain effect is small

At present, brain-healthy medicines that can “enhance the brain, eliminate brain fatigue, and enhance memory” are relatively popular. Many parents believe in the efficacy of these products.

Brain health products in the end can not play a role in promoting memory? Relevant experts believe that memory is a very complex physiological process. Comprehensive research at home and abroad for many years, the current drug has no obvious role in promoting.

According to reports, unsaturated fatty acids have a certain effect on the development of the nervous system and the growth of brain cells, but the brain is already fully developed when it is 2 to 3 years old, and it is not effective for taking it now. Moreover, EPA has an effect on the secretion of human sex hormones. Excessive use is not conducive to the normal development of young people. In recent years, foreign studies have shown that due to the fact that unsaturated fatty acids are easily oxidized, the cells involved in the formation of the cells are easily damaged and are not favorable to the human body. For lecithins, Professor Sun believes that if supplemented at the developmental stage, it can significantly promote the development of the brain, but after the end of brain development, it will not produce significant results.

Therefore, parents should help their children to achieve the best state of mind clearing through diet adjustment. For example, they can eat milk and eggs in the morning; eat sweets at noon and do not eat fish because of high levels of glutamate and other substances in the fish. The system has inhibitory effects and is not conducive to learning.
Source: China Children's Network