Octagon gold plate

The English name Janan Fatsia is an evergreen shrub with an octagonal, octahedral and hand-carved name. Leaves large, palmate, 5--7-lobed, thick, glossy, margin serrate or undulate, green sometimes yellow-brown, petiole long, base hypertrophy. Umbrella set produces terminal panicles, white flowers. Flowering from October to November. Berry spherical, purple black, outside the white powder, mature in May the following year. Planting points can be used for sowing, cutting, or propagation. Sowing in May can be harvested while ripening. When young seedlings were raised in the year, it was necessary to prevent the cold in winter. Cuttings can be cut with hardwood branches from February to March or with tender shoots during the rainy season. The transplant can be carried out after the warming of the spring weather. Potted plants are also available. Application value Octagonal gold plate is an excellent foliage plant. Suitable for planting in the courtyard, near the door, on the edge of the window, on the wall and on the shade of the building, or on the side of the dripping stream, but also on the edge of the lawn and in the forest. In addition, potted plants are also available for indoor viewing. Strong resistance to sulfur dioxide, suitable for plant and mining areas, neighborhood planting. Leaves, roots, and skin can be used as medicine.

Hydrolyzed Sponge White Powder


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