Operation of small diesel engines

According to the sales point of agricultural machinery and several manufacturers producing small diesel engines, among the small diesel engine failures that were required to be repaired during the “three guarantees” period or other reasons after sales in the past few years, most of them were diesel engines that were unable to start or burn bearings. , Bending of the connecting rod, or damage to the piston. The cause of these failures that should not have occurred was that farmers' friends did not know how to properly use and maintain diesel engines. As mentioned above, the diesel engine is weak and cannot be started, which is caused by the premature wear of the piston ring without attaching importance to the function of the air filter. Some air cleaners are not too hard, but they are cracked within a few days. However, farmer friends do not pay attention to these problems. They often find a piece of wire or a rope to tie it. In fact, the air filter is actually Without effect, sediment can easily enter the cylinder, causing the piston ring to wear prematurely. Secondly, when it comes to burning bearings, it is also because they do not know how important it is to maintain the oil level of the engine oil. It does not matter if it is too much, and it does not matter if it is less. This will make it easier to burn bearing bushes when there is a shortage of oil. In addition, when it comes to connecting rod bending or piston damage, it is mainly caused by one reason, that is, inadvertent use during the process, causing a rollover, but do not know how to turn off the flame immediately, resulting in muddy water sucked into the cylinder, which inevitably causes the connecting rod to bend or Damaged piston.

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