Ornamental Pineapple - Beauty Leaves

The beautiful leaves of Aechmeafasciata (Aechmea fasciata), also known as 蜻蜓pineapple, spotted pineapple. Native to Brazil, its leaves and flowers are extremely beautiful. Rosette-like leaves have tiger-like silver-white stripes, and the pink cone-shaped inflorescence stands upright, resembling a lotus flower. The viewing period can be up to three months. Light, temperature, and humidity The beautiful leafy leaves are filled with warmth and plenty of sunlight. They can also resist yin. They are placed indoors and should be placed near the windowsill. The lighter the better. But avoid direct sunlight, otherwise it is easy to burn the leaves. The indoor temperature is the best around 20°C, and the wintertime is not lower than 10°C. It requires the relative humidity of the air to be above 60%. If the room is too dry, it should spray water to the blades to increase the air humidity. The water content of the leaf of the water is not too high for the soil moisture content, and the principle of seeing the dry see moisture is mastered when watering, when the surface of the potted soil is 2 centimeters, the pot soil is watered and dried once. During vigorous growth and flowering, it is necessary to inject some fresh water into the lotus-shaped leaf cylinder. This is very beneficial to the water absorption of the plants, but it is necessary to remove the water in the tube regularly and change the water to avoid stinking. After flowering and dormancy, keep the pots and soils properly dried. The fertilization is applied once every two weeks during the growth period, and it is more suitable to use nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium compound fertilizers, or 0.3% potassium dihydrogen phosphate solution. When pests and diseases are cultivated indoors, if ventilation is poor, scale insects and thrips are often harmed. Pests were found, 40% omethoate emulsion was preferred for 1500 times, or 25% imthiophosmid EC 1000 times for spraying.

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