Out of the wrong list of phosphate fertilizer

At present, many farmers do not understand the technical standards and methods of using phosphate fertilizers, and the results are not satisfactory after application. How to get out of this misunderstanding? Misunderstanding 1: The more bubbles, the better. Concentrated phosphate fertilizer and ammonium bicarbonate in the bucket, plus pig manure or water, like a pot-like straight bubble, free acid content is exceeded, fertilizer effect is low, after application will inhibit microbial activities in the soil Burn the roots of the crops, causing the seeds to fail to germinate. Conversely, no bubble is insufficient sulfuric acid, the reaction is incomplete, and its active ingredient content is low. General superphosphate free acid content shall not exceed 5.5%. Misunderstanding 2: The more expensive the better. Some unscrupulous traders intentionally sold phosphate fertilizers from different manufacturers at prices, and the higher the price, the better the quality. In the purchase should be carefully selected slightly sour, gray powder, touch feeling cool but no trace, after the relevant departments to conduct a sample test, identified as high-quality phosphate fertilizer. Myth 3: Applying phosphate fertilizer is more than good. Many people are accustomed to applying a little more phosphorus, which is believed to have no effect on crop growth and yield. In actual fact, excessive application of phosphate fertilizer will destroy the nutritional balance of the crop, make the plant respiration too vigorous, the accumulation of dry matter be consumed, cause the plant growth and development, resulting in a decline in yield, reduce the effectiveness of soil zinc, induce crop deficiency syndrome . If too much rice is used, it will also affect the absorption of silicon by rice.

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