Pay attention to prevent tomato bud blight

First, the symptoms

Bud blight usually occurs in the vicinity of the second and third spikelets of the plant. Axillary buds of the diseased plant showed longitudinal joints and formed cracks. They were vertical one-shaped or "Y"-shaped. The edges of the cracks were sometimes not neat, but there was no insect feces, indicating non-insect damage. Plants with severe bud blight occur at the point of growth and no longer grow upwards. Instead, they appear to have more branches and grow longer. This situation mainly occurs in tomatoes cultivated in the summer and fall fields.

Second, control methods

1. After the tomatoes are planted, pay attention to the ventilation at noon and do not make the temperature in the greenhouse exceed 35°C; or use a shade net to reduce the light intensity to avoid high temperature hazards; or spray the water at the noon high temperature to reduce the surrounding water. temperature.

2. The implementation of formula fertilization, and appropriate increase in boron, zinc and other micro-fertilizer application.

3. In the high temperature stage, we must pay attention to maintaining soil moisture, keep the ground see dry see wet (do not flood irrigation, to prevent cracking), to ensure the normal absorption system of roots, promote the full play of fertilizer effect.

4. When bud blight occurs, attention should be paid to cultivating new fruit spikes, removing some leggy shoots, leaving an inflorescence with a better panicle in place, and replacing the lost ear with it to reduce yield loss.

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