Peach seedlings rapid breeding technology

1. Seed processing used faster growing nectarine as rootstock. Sand trap: generally in late November, choose high dry place, dig depth 0.7 meters, width 0.6 meters, length depending on the number of seeds in the Shazanggou, first in the bottom shop 10 cm thick wet sand, on which Put 10 cm to 15 cm of mixed sand seeds, bury about 10 cm of wet sand, put 10 cm to 15 cm of mixed sand seeds, and then cover about 10 cm of wet sand, covering the soil. Keep the seed below the frozen layer. The temperature is maintained at 0°C to 7°C. When there are few seeds, wet sand can also be mixed into sand traps in the cellar. Seed sand can be stored for 100 days to 110 days. At the beginning of March, the sand seeds will be placed in a warm place (20 °C ~ 25 °C) and kept under the humidity for germination. When the seeds are white, they can be sowed.
2. Seeding film is planted in mid-March, sowing time is about 15 days earlier than normal bare land nursery. Using high and low ridge sowing methods, the high ridge height of 10 cm and width of 60 cm was developed and the ridge spacing was 20 cm. 15 cm from both sides of the centerline of the ridge to the ditch, along the ridge to the ditch, 6 cm to 10 cm deep, covering the soil thickness of 3 cm to 4 cm, seeding volume of 35 kg per mu. Before planting, we must make a good foundation, apply enough base fertilizer, and fill it with water. Immediately after sowing, cover the film and raise the temperature to ensure that the seedlings will emerge in early April. After emergence, seedlings were planted with a 15 cm spacing between the plants.
3. When the grafted and cut stocks are about 40 cm high, they are picked up and promote the growth of seedlings. When the diameter of the seedlings reaches 0.5 cm to 0.6 cm, the "bud" is budded and completed before mid-to-late June. However, attention must be paid to the quality of the scion, and the mature shoots of the growing shoots should be selected.
After grafting to survive, the upper rootstock seedlings were injured and the sprouting of the buds was continued with the rootstock seedlings. About 10 days later, when the buds are to be planted, the upper rootstocks are cut off. Another method is to raise the sprouting position, that is, rootstock 10 cm above the bud site, retain 4 to 6 large leaves under the interface, then grafting survival after the anvil can be cut, sprouting buds to be sprouted About 15 centimeters, then cut the rootstock.
4. Strengthen management with watering, apply topdressing nitrogen fertilizer at the early stage of growth, apply compound fertilizer at the later stage, apply foliar fertilizer once every 15 days to 20 days, spray 0.3% urea early, and later (after mid-August) Spraying 0.3% of potassium dihydrogen phosphate can also spray trace elements and other auxin substances that promote the growth of seedlings to accelerate seedling growth. At the same time do a good pest control, so that seedlings in the deciduous period to reach a height of 0.8 meters to 1.0 meters.
Western boutique agricultural research and development company: Gao Wenxiang 2008/11/1

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