Peanut late grasp four defenses

To prevent adventurous peanuts full fruit period, vegetative growth gradually decreased, a large number of nutrients transfer to the pods, rapid accumulation of dry matter. However, due to various reasons such as temperature, rain, light and excessive application of nitrogen fertilizer, the peanuts are stalks and leaves, they are prematurely closed, and the field is closed. They consume large amounts of nutrients, inhibit the accumulation of dry matter in fruits and affect the yield. Therefore, for peanuts with an imperishable trend, measures must be taken to suppress vegetative growth and promote reproductive growth, which will have a significant effect on improving peanut production.

To prevent premature aging caused by lack of fertilizer due to premature aging, the field should be sprayed with 0.3%~0.4% potassium dihydrogen phosphate plus 1% urea solution 50 kg per acre root from the fruiting stage to full fruit period. The best spraying time is in sunny afternoon. After 4 o'clock, spray once every 10 days, usually 2 or 3 times.

To prevent stagnant water in the peanut growth stage, the peanut field must not be stagnant. In case of rain or continuous rain, it is necessary to drain water in time to prevent accumulation of water, so that the humidity in the field is too large, the stems and leaves are long, the soil is poorly ventilated, and the roots and pods are affected, and it is easy to cause a lot of rotten fruit or germination and reduce the yield and quality. To grow peanuts in plots with high groundwater levels, high-riding cultivation or digging drainage ditch must be implemented to reduce the water level.

Prevention of Pests and Diseases The most important disease in peanuts at the later stage is leaf spot disease. In terms of prevention and control, it is necessary to spray 1-2 times of Bordeaux mixture 1 to 2 times for prevention before onset. In the early stage of disease, 50% carbendazim WP 800 times solution can be used for prevention and treatment. The main pests in the later stages of peanuts are ground pests, which are mainly maggots, and should be controlled in time. Late locust occurrence, when the pest rate reached more than 5%, can be used 10% imidacloprid WP spray control.

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