Peanut quality and high yield fertilization

1, Shizujifei: base fertilizer including base fertilizer and seed fertilizer.

Base fertilizer and seed fertilizer are the basis for strong seedlings, flourishing fruit, fruit and fruit. Peanut base fertilizer accounts for more than 80% of the total fertilizer. Organic fertilizers should be used in combination with fertilizers such as nitrogen and phosphorus. The specific spelling varies with the type and amount of fertilization.

Generally, it should be combined with decentralization and concentration. Most of the pre-sowing soil preparation is used as base fertilizer application. Keep a small part of the combined sowing planting or acupuncture points. In order to increase phosphate fertilizer efficiency, phosphate fertilizers and organic fertilizers can be stacked for 15-20 days before fertilization. When sowing peanuts, use 0.01-0.1% boric acid aqueous solution to add 500 times liquid of new high fat film to sow seeds or soak seeds, which can repel underground pests, isolate virus infection, do not affect germination and swelling function, strengthen respiratory intensity, and increase seed germination rate.

2, timely fertilizer: according to the growth of peanuts should be timely fertilizer.

The topdressing of peanut seedlings should be carried out before the beginning of flowering, generally topdressing urea 80-100kg/km 2 , superphosphate 150-200kg/km 2 , opening the ditch and applying the new high fat film 800 times liquid The utilization of effective components of fertilizers to prevent the invasion of airborne pathogens, and sprayed during the growth period of peanuts to promote Wang Wang No. 3 inhibit the growth of the main tip, and promote flower bud differentiation.

After flowering, gypsum powder 300-400kg/km 2 can be applied. Superphosphate 150-200kg/km 2 can increase phosphorus-calcium nutrition in the result period. At the same time, after spraying peanut seedlings, it can be used to spray fruit to reach the underground fruit. The nutrient transport conduit is thickened to increase the vitality of the fruit; when the peanuts become full, the 0.2% potassium dihydrogen phosphate plus 2% urea and the new high fat film 800 times can be used for foliar spray 1-2. Second, it can protect the roots and protect the leaves, and increase the seed-setting rate and fruit-filling rate.

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