Peanut Root Rot Control

Peanut root rot can occur during the whole growth period of peanuts, causing rotten seed, rotting buds, root rot, seedlings, stem base rot and yellow rot. The ground is characterized by poor growth, yellow leaves, and eventually the whole plant withered.

The onset of the disease is that pathogens with diseased bodies in the soil in Guiyang. Overwintering has become the main source of infestation. The pathogens are transmitted through water and fertilized into agricultural products. They are directly invaded through parasitic wounds or epidermis, and are often used as plots. The terrain is low-lying, The construction layer is shallow, continuous low temperature, rain, or heavy rain is fine, reducing the adverse effects of rain and drought on the heavier gas.

Prevention and control methods: Do a good job in seed collection, selection, drying, and storage. Before sowing and drying seeds, remove discolored, mildewed, and damaged seeds. Use 10.3% of the seed weight, 40% triadimefon, and carbendazim can be wetted. Stop the powder and plant it after about 24 hours.

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