Pear tree does not result, how to control?

First, avoid partial nitrogen fertilizer. Some farmers planted sweet potatoes under the pear tree, often pouring pig manure, and the pear tree blossomed without result. For such pear trees, nitrogen fertilizer should be stopped, and additional phosphorus and potassium fertilizers should be applied. The canopy should be dripped at the canopy drip and potassium dihydrogen phosphate should be sprayed on the canopy.

Second, rule out orchard waterlogging. Some pear trees are planted in the fields. Although the soil is deep, the soil is fertile and the pears grow well, the drainage is poor. In the flowering period, there is usually too much rain, and waterlogging causes the growth to be frustrated, so that there is very little fruit or even fruit. It is necessary to open a drainage ditch for this situation so that it can be filled with drought and it will not rain on rainy days.

Third, appropriate pruning hanging sticks. Some pear trees have grown too busy to cut off the main branches and some of the branches. The dense branches are pulled up to the hanging branches of the canopy by ropes to control the vegetative overgrowth, increase the light receiving area, increase the light intensity, and have favorable results.

Fourth, increase pollination saplings. The increase of pollination varieties can promote the pear tree pollination and fertility, and the ratio of pollen tree and original planting tree is 1:3.

Fifth, artificially assisted pollination. Select varieties with strong affinity and large pollen as pollination varieties, collect anthers that are about to crack or have just cracked, put them in the sun, pad under newspapers, make the anthers crack, collect pollen, and then conduct artificial pollination.

6. Spray plant hormones. Spraying phytohormones at flowering stage can increase fruit setting rate; Spraying phytohormone at young fruit stage can reduce fruit drop, improve quality and increase yield.

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