Persimmon tree fertilization

According to the root characteristics of the persimmon tree and the absorption characteristics of the fertilizer, attention should be paid to the following aspects when fertilizing:

1. Preventing the occurrence of fertilizer damage The permeate of persimmon root cells is low, and if the fertilizer concentration is too high, the root cells lose water too much, causing the roots to burn. Therefore, fertilization can not be excessive, should be a small amount of fertilization, and evenly mix fertilizer and soil, evenly applied.

2. Potassium Fertilizer in the Late Growth Stage In late July, the persimmon tree entered the sepal differentiation stage, and its potassium uptake was significantly higher than that of nitrogen and phosphorus, especially when the fruit was near maturity. Therefore, applying more potassium fertilizer in the late growth stage can promote fruit coloring and increase the sugar content of the fruit.

3. Less application of phosphate fertilizer Phosphate fertilizer produced less effect on persimmon trees, and excessive application will inhibit the growth of trees, so less persimmon should be applied phosphate fertilizer.



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