Pig farm water supply system relates to herd health

“Looking at the details of the pigs' drinking water, the pigs will be well-bred!” Zhang Dayuan, chairman of the Guangdong Heyuan Xingtai Breeding Pig Co., Ltd., said at an industry exchange meeting that the drinking conditions of the herds have a lot to do with the health of the pigs. And sometimes it even has direct links with major diseases.

It is understood that pig farms generally have higher hardness, and the calcium is very easy to form a layer of scale on the inner wall of the water pipe. In the long run, the water flow will decrease. "This will happen after two or three years of water pipe use." The reduction in water flow will affect pig production and breeding performance to a considerable extent. Wang Zhixiang, director of the Animal Nutrition Branch of the China Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Medicine Association, said that inadequate drinking water systems will keep the pigs “thirsty” for a long time, which is extremely unfavorable for large-scale production. “After all, water accounts for 70 percent of pig weight. %".

In addition, Wang Zhixiang also pointed out that at the beginning of the planning of some pig farms, the number of drinking fountains would be insufficient, and the location of the drinking fountains would be too high or too low, which would make it difficult for the pigs to drink water and reduce the amount of drinking water. “Foreign pig farms have been planning and designing pigsheds in various periods since the establishment of the pig farm. In each period, the number, height, and water flow of the drinking fountains in the pigsty have a relatively strict set of standards; Approximate design based on experience and average."

In addition, the cleaning of water pipes is also very important. It is understood that many pig farms will add some health-care drugs through the drinking water pipeline during epidemic epidemics. Most of these drugs are based on organic substances. At the same time, due to their large viscosity, they are also easy to form on the inner wall of the water pipe. Not only does it have an impact on flowing water, it also causes eutrophication of the water body and it is easily used by some bacteria and other microorganisms.

Some poorly managed pipelines will also have a small "biosphere" of E. coli, Salmonella and other bacteria inside the water pipes. It is very easy to breed in the pipeline. These two diseases are also one of the culprits of diarrhea. It is recommended to thoroughly clean the water pipe with some strong ion adsorbent and other materials every six months or one year.

The author found through field investigations that the incidence rate of pig farms with standardized drinking water management is relatively low, and Heyuan Xingtai Company is one example. Zhang Daijian introduced that their company not only has strict requirements on water sources, but also filters and purifies the water for the pig farms in three steps. The year-to-date epidemic diarrhea has patronized most pig farms, and Heyuan Xingtai has not been affected in the slightest. Zhang Daijian also attributed it to "good drinking water and regulatory management."

In addition, water temperature and other conditions will have a certain impact on the pigs. "Winter drinking water directly to the pig will have more stress, and the pigs will also consume more energy to warm the water in the body," Wang Zhixiang suggested, if possible, to warm the drinking water. . “In the past two years, we have also realized this problem in our field. At present, we are also considering adding some similar insulation processes to the drinking water system,” said Zhang Daijian.


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