Pig hair processing new technology

First, the entire hair will be used to run through the skins of the pigskin. The skins will be dried, placed on the chopping board, smashed open with both hands, evenly spread to 2 cm thick, and then use the left hand to pull the pig hair to Under the right palm, press the right palm tightly so that the piglet grows 20 centimeters in the direction of the fingers, 10 centimeters in width, and 2-4 centimeters in thickness.
Second, plucking will have been pressed into the pig's hair with both hands tightly hold both ends, and then gently shake and force to pull into two equal length, each length of 10 cm, and then put two paragraphs in parallel reunification of pig hair Put (10cm) and pull down the hairs with different lengths, and then grasp them with your left hand. The tiger's mouth is exposed with about 3.5 centimeters of hair, and the comb is combed on the exposed hair with a right hand ladle comb. Short hair, horizontal hair and curled hair, then insert the wool handle from above with iron comb teeth, and clamp the combed part well. The left hand will match the thumb index finger with the comb to hold the comb's unrecognisable pig's hair and comb it with the right hand. Under the pig's hair, then pick up the short pig's hair. Be sure to pry on the hair, and then withdraw the left hand by 3.5 centimeters, then comb and brush the second armpit hair, and so on, until the hair is pulled five or six times. Can't catch it. Place the extracted hair on the side of the case and place it in the same direction of bending.

Third, pier blanks will be pulled out of good hair, according to a certain number of first with the right arm and left hand to pull together, put it on the standing board, with the right arm and left hand to the center and squeeze, edge to the desktop on the pier, to be rough After the downward one end of the pier, set the blank up (sweep hair parallel to the table top) with your left hand and press it tightly from above. The right hand holds the end of the comb and combs the blank tip again with a comb. The horizontal hair will be caught in the middle. , bending hair combed out and hair tip. Then put the rough (pig's hair) up and press the front method pier. When the rough bottom is almost neat, turn the blank over (put the pig hair down by 90 degrees), remove all the horizontal hairs and the uneven hair on the bottom of the blank, and then continue to press the front The law piers hairs, after the pier several times uses the iron comb to pass the pig hair from the hair tip place to comb deeply, combs the horizontal hair, the miscellaneous hair, the short hair inside the bill. At this time, the blank is turned over 180 degrees (ie, the blank of the pier is facing upwards), the upper part is combed by the front method, the net hair is removed, and then turned 180 degrees.
Fourth, bundle blanks first pier the rough, with two hands, respectively, adjust the bending direction of the pig hair, so that the hair is bent outwards, placed evenly, the size of about 500 grams is appropriate, take a string tied tight blanks, The bundle rope is about 1.5 centimeters from the root of the blank, and then the rope is inserted upwards and bundled. The bundle is tied straight to the upper part of the blank to make it a conical shape.
Fifth, the steamed hair will be bundled into the pot cooking, cover plastic sheeting. The cooking time is: white hair 3 hours, flower hair 5 hours, black hair 8 hours, must often add water during cooking. After steaming, dry. Due to the high market price of black hair, white hairs and flower hairs are dyed black.六、Creating the sieve will open the steamed and dried blanks and open the splitting points. It is advisable to use the thickness of the hair in the right hand. Take the left hand, the right hand, and take the fine iron sieve to stop tapping the roots. Put the hairs that are caught by the mesh holes on the hair roots to the side, and discharge them in the same direction as the pig hair roots. Once the buckle is finished, place the hair on one side with the root facing up. The finished side of the blank is the side of the blank tip. After the root tip is separated, the blank is placed with the root face down. VII. Gradually rough the blanks with the root surface facing downwards. The rope width must not exceed 5 cm. Mop up and comb them again. Use the ruler to measure the height, then remove the longest hair (121 mm or more). Each 15mm difference is a length, pay attention to pull a net with a ruler, so as not to pull out a short hair, until the shortest one till the remaining hair, the blank will be pulled into nine lengths, respectively, let go. VIII. Tie will divide the wool of good length from the lowest size, and each standard diameter is 66-68 mm. Bundle 5 ropes in total. Place each root of the hair to be flush, and clean the roots of the hair. ? After finishing, measure the hair again and pull out the oversized hair from each length of wool again. Place it on the last length of hair and then untie the rope again.

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