Pigeon breeding benefit analysis

The stable development of the pigeon-breeding industry after the 1990s has gradually matured. At present, the market price is high and the breeding pigeon industry has attracted the attention of many investors. However, any aquaculture industry, no matter how mature, must continue to undergo the baptism of the market. Investors must take precautions and fully account for the economic accounts. In accordance with their own economic strength and local conditions, they should develop their pigeon production in a timely manner.

Take the example of raising a pair of pigeons (using cages, three cages per cage, four pairs of pigeons per floor, and 12 pairs of pigeons per cage), protected by leading companies at the current market price and market downturn. Calculate economic benefits for reference.

First, according to the current market price, the first year of income

The total cost of a pair of pigeons is: (1) 50 yuan for tools such as cages, chutes, and sinks. (2) Buy 40 pairs of breeding pigeons. (3) A pair of young pigeons need to feed 50 grams per day, feed price 1.34 yuan / kg, 4.5 months for the growing period, a total consumption of 6.75 kg (4.5 months 30 days 50 grams, a total of 9 yuan (6.75 kg 1.34 yuan) The breeding period of a pigeon is 45 days, after the breeder is mature and mature, it can breed 5 nests in the remaining 7.5 months, the breeding stock consumes 100 g/day during the brooding period, the feed price is 1.54 yuan/kg, and the brooding period is generally 25-28 days, if calculated according to an average of 27 days of brooding period, a total of 13.5 kg of material (15 litres for 27 days, 5 litters) will be consumed during the brooding period of 5 litters of pigeons, totaling 20.79 yuan (13.5 kg of 1.54 yuan) and 4.5 kg for other time. , {((7.5 months 30 days - 27 days 5 litters) 50 grams}, total 6 yuan. Therefore, the feed cost for the first year is 35.79 yuan (9 yuan for the breeding period + 20.79 yuan for the brooding period + 6 yuan for the other brooding period) (4) Prevention of epidemics and other expenses of 2 yuan.(5) Utilities and sales of excrement are offset, so the total investment in the first year is 127.79 yuan (tool 50 yuan + breeder 40 yuan + feed 35.79 yuan + epidemic prevention and other 2 yuan).

The first year's gross income: The price of the current 25-28 days old pigeon is 9 yuan/piece. According to the price, the total number of 5 nests is 10, and the gross income is 90 yuan.

The first year's net profit: breeding season for breeders is generally 4-5 years. According to the 4 year utilization period, the tool cost is calculated according to 10 years of depreciation. The net profit is 37 yuan (90 yuan - 40 yuan 1/4 - 50 yuan 1 /10-35.79 yuan - 2 yuan).

Second, according to the current price, the second year and later annual income

After the second year, it only needs to invest in feed, epidemic prevention and other costs. After one year of normal production, the pigeons can produce 8 litters of eggs and 2 per litter. A total of 16 pigeons can be produced for a gross income of 144 yuan. The annual feed requirement is 36.5 kilograms, equivalent to 56.2 yuan, and the epidemic prevention cost is 2 yuan per year. Need to invest 58.2 yuan; can get a net profit of 72.8 yuan.

Third, the market price is lower, and the income of the processing enterprises when they adopt the minimum protection price acquisition

Such as Anqiu City Guangju Industrial Co., Ltd. to implement the minimum protection price of 7 yuan / only acquisition, according to the calculation, when the market price is low, raising pigeons can still achieve gross profit of 70 yuan in the first year, net profit of 17 yuan The annual gross income of the second year and afterwards is 112 yuan, and the net profit is 40.8 yuan.

Fourth, some suggestions

Under normal circumstances, a person can maintain 500 pairs of pigeons, the average annual net profit of 2-35 million. Breeding meat pigeons have low cost, short cycle, quick effect, and high economic benefit. They are suitable for family women to engage in garden farming and are a good project for getting rich.

1. Development of breeding pigeons depends on leading enterprises and establishes a stable contractual relationship with the company. The final model of any mature breeding industry is "leading enterprise + base", "leading enterprise + farmer" or "leading enterprise + cooperative organization + farmer". For farmers, relying on leading enterprises and establishing a stable contractual relationship with enterprises can effectively reduce market risks and ensure that they do not lose money. Enterprises generally implement a one-stop service. For new breeders, they can well relieve the worries of breeding techniques, feed, and sales, so that they can devote all their energy to breeding and increase economic efficiency.

2. Investment in breeding pigeons should be sustained. The aquaculture industry is a continuous process and pigeon breeding is no exception. We must make long-term plans before investing. If you invest in this year, you will not be able to raise it next year, and you will lose everything. Therefore, once the project has been selected, it must persist and adjust the scale and variety according to the market conditions. This can ensure that the market will make a lot of money when it is good, and that the market will not lose money at a time, and it will eventually become a big winner in the aquaculture industry.

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