Pigtails do more harm than good

The tail of the piglet is cut off about 2.5 centimeters from the tail root within 24 hours after the piglet is born. The conventional wisdom is that the benefits of pigtail tailing are:

1. Save feed and increase daily weight gain: Consider that pigs consume energy by swinging tails to cause feed wastage. If this part of energy is used for fat deposition, it can increase daily weight by 2% to 3%, and it can also save feed.

2, reduce biting tail. The end of the piglets was cut off about 2.5 centimeters from the tail within 24 hours after the piglet was born. Biting the tail is a kind of evil for pigs, and the reason is very complicated. The piglet tailing is effective in controlling the disease.

However, in practice in the long-term practice, it has been found that pigtails have many drawbacks and have more disadvantages than profits:
The pig's tail seems irrelevant, but it must have been an important part of the pig's body that has survived long-term historical evolution. Regardless of pigs and pigs, they should exercise their bodies by swinging their tails every day to improve their physical fitness and disease resistance. This is also an important clinical manifestation of the observation of swine disease: the sick pig's tail is not flexible, and it will be like a dead snake!
2. The part where the pig is cut off contains a pig's acupuncture point: the tail point, which is mainly used in acupuncture treatment of swine cold, heat stroke, stiff pig, constipation, poisoning, postpartum cramps, etc. Acupuncture points indicate that the importance to the pig can not be ignored!
3. From the point of view of the pig's anatomy, there is a middle tail artery in the pig's tail, but when the piglet is broken, the pig can easily bleed, and the wound is not easily healed. Once the disinfection is not strict, it is very easy to cause the bacteria to infect the pig through the pig's tail wound!
In addition, pig biting tail is a kind of evil, the reason is very complicated, pigtail tail is only a temporary solution, if you do not reduce the rearing density, improve the feeding environment, balance the pig's feed nutrition, the pig will still bite tail!

In short, the disadvantages of piglets broken more than profits! In the long-term practice, this conclusion is indeed verified! After a large-scale, multi-batch, repeated practice over the years, piglets are not subjected to tail-fat treatment, which can well reduce and control the streptococcus disease, parainfection, and Eperythrozoonosis in pigs! At the same time, if these three major swine diseases occur, medication control is not ideal. The former two thought that there were many serotypes, and the effectiveness of the vaccine was poor; the latter was a common strain of pigs, and there was no effective seedling prevention! Wound infections and blood transmission are common features. Only by reducing trauma can we effectively prevent and control it!

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