Plant audio frequency control technology and its application

Plant audio control technology is one of the important contents of physical agriculture, and it is also the core technology of the development of physical agriculture science and technology.

First, the role of plant audio control technology

The plant audio frequency control technology is based on the theory of plant meridian system and uses an audio frequency generator to apply a specific frequency sound wave to the plant to resonate with the plant and promote the absorption, transmission and transformation of various nutrient elements, thereby enhancing the plant's light and Function and absorption capacity, promote growth and development, achieve the purpose of increasing production, increasing income, quality, and disease resistance.

Second, the construction and working process of plant audio generator

The plant audio generator looks like a speaker and has a horn on each side that can send sound waves around in the field. These sound waves sound like different lengths of bagpipes with different heights. They can emit sound waves around the 360's range and act on crops within an effective radius.

Third, the role and effect of plant audio generator

The function of the plant audio frequency generator is mainly to increase crop yield, improve nutritional quality, enhance disease resistance, promote growth and development, early maturation, and prolong storage time.

At present, the plant sound generation technology has been applied in the United States and Beijing, Shandong, and Dalian in China. It has been tested and demonstrated on more than 30 crops, vegetables, flowers, and fruit trees, and has achieved satisfactory results. In 2005, our center installed a sonic booster at the Toudaogou Science and Technology Demonstration Zone in Xianshui Township. Through the application and comparison of green onions, radishes and other vegetables, the effect was obvious. The onion yield increased by more than 10%.

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