Plant growth regulators are not everything

Plant growth regulators have played an important role in enhancing crop resistance, raising crop yields, improving product quality, and increasing planting efficiency, and have been recognized by more and more farmers. However, many farmers rely too heavily on plant growth regulators to promote growth, inhibit growth, and increase resistance. Every time they spray, they add plant growth regulators but ignore the daily management and fertilizer application. Growth is unfavorable.

The reason why farmers make this mistake has a lot to do with some dealers wantonly exaggerating the effects of plant growth regulators. In fact, plant growth regulators are only substances that have similar physiological and biological effects to phytohormones. They only control the growth of crops and cannot replace water and fertilizers. If water and fertilizer are not sufficient, excessive spraying of plant growth regulators is harmful. .

Plant growth regulators are not a panacea because they are not nutrients and can only serve as an auxiliary and cannot replace fertilizers. Therefore, in the case of unsuccessful growth of crops, management must first be strengthened. That is, regular management such as fertilization, watering, cultivator, and loose soil should be applied. Spraying plant growth regulators on this basis can effectively exert its effects.

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