Pomegranate Tree Autumn Management

Re-apply autumn fat, strong fruit tips in mid-September, to re-apply a strong fruit to promote shoot fertilizer. Each adult tree produces 100 to 200 kilograms of composted manure or livestock compost and 1.5 to 2.0 kilograms of superphosphate and 1.0 to 1.2 kilograms of urea. The juvenile tree is halved and the young tree is halved again.
Irrigation heat preservation, drought protection and timely protection of fruit in case of drought irrigation, and the use of weeds, Artemisia straw, vines and other ground cover, drought protection and fruit protection.
Forecasting and prevention of pests focuses on the prevention and control of anthrax, rust mites, spider mites and arrowheads.

MAGIK Lift Series are made of  PDO (Polydioxanone), it is a thread with no cones, thus no damage to the tissue. This is the same thread used in Cardiac and other surgeries as sutures, and thus it is very safe.

Aging causes the skin tissue to be thin because the collagen and elastin fibre`s break down, which results in sagging skin, deep creases, folds and wrinkles. PDO Thread reverses the effects of aging.

Threads are implanted into the sub-dermal skin and stimulate the production of collagen and the skin becomes firmer, elastic and moisturised. The thread dissolves itself in couple of months but the effect last for 12-18 months.

The thread can be applied to anywhere on the body, such as a flabby face, cheeks, eyebrows, to prevent eye bags, sagging neck skin, fine lines around Cheeks, angle around the mouth, laugh lines, forearm and abdomen, smokers lines and lifting of breast.

PDO Thread Screw

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