Pond muddy

The Pond Condition The pond is suitable for an area of ​​1-2 acres of earthen ponds, requiring easy access to drainage, leeward sun, and anti-escape facilities around the pool. The depth of the pool is 80-100 cm, and the bottom of the pool is 15-20 cm thick. The water depth is maintained at 30-50 cm. The water inlet is about 20 cm above the water surface. The overflow outlet is located at the normal level of the pond, and the drain outlet is located at the bottom of the fish bottom. Water inlets, overflow outlets, and drain outlets are covered with a dense mesh cloth. The bottom of the pool is inclined toward the outlet, and fish slips are provided to connect with the outlets. The area is about 5% of the floor area of ​​the pool and 30-35 cm below the bottom of the pool. In the pond, aquatic plants such as duckweed and water hyacinth are distributed, covering about 1/4 of the total pond area.

Qingtang Peiji cement seedlings were planted 10 days before the next pond, and were clarified with quicklime. After sterilization, 200-300 kilograms of decomposed human and animal manure is used as base fertilizer per acre, and then the pool water is added to a depth of about 30 cm. After the water turns green, the loach seedlings will be placed after 15-20 centimeters of transparency.

Seedlings of stockings are sterilized with 8-10 mg/L bleach solution for 20-30 minutes before stocking.é³… 50-60 tails, 3-4 cm long, per square meter. Muddy ponds can be mixed with grass carp, squid, squid and other pelagic species, and should not be used with tilapia, mackerel, and squid.

The feed is fed on the food table about 5 cm away from the bottom of the pool. Do not cast it. The daily feeding amount is 2-5% of the total weight of the loach, and 5-10% in the later period. Muddy fertilizer and fertilizer should be applied in time to the application of fermented chicken, duck dung and other organic fertilizers, each dosage of about 300 kilograms per acre.

Daily management Strengthen water quality management, add new water in a timely manner, and adjust water quality. Rational fertilization according to the water quality, the transparency of the pool water is controlled at 15-20 cm, and the water color is yellow-green. When the water temperature reaches 30°C, the pool water should be changed frequently, and the water depth should be increased appropriately. When the muddy ducks often swim to the floating surface of the water to “swallow”, indicating that there is lack of oxygen in the water, fertilization should be stopped and new water should be injected. Increase the depth of pool water in winter, and pile cow dung and pig dung at the pool corner to increase the water temperature and ensure that the loach can safely pass winter.

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