Prawn acquisition, preservation and transportation

The acquisition of sea prawn is generally carried out on quay or marine acquisition vessels, while the acquisition of marine prawn is mostly done on the side of shrimp ponds. Here mainly about the acquisition and preservation of cultivated shrimp.
1. Acquisition (1) Packing: After the prawns go out of the pool, they should immediately pick out the small fish and other small shrimps and other impurities on the clean concrete floor or in a clean container, and then pack them at the standard of 10 kilograms per carton.
(2) Weighing: After the prawn has been boxed and controlled for 10 minutes, the person responsible for the weighing and billing should be responsible for accurate accounting and account keeping.
(3) Level test and measurement: The shrimp out of the pool should be jointly graded and measured by the representatives of the production and acquisition units. Generally, it can be sampled in a 3-5% proportion.
1Quality requirement: First grade product: The shrimp body is complete, the quality is fresh, the color is clear, the carapace adheres solidly, and no blackening occurs. Secondary product: The shrimp body is complete, the quality is fresh, the color is normal, and the elasticity is allowed. There is a black hoop allowed, and the black skirt and the black spot are no more than two. The third grade product: The shrimp body is basically complete, slightly elastic, allowing black hoop, black skirt and dark spot to not seriously affect the appearance.
2 Specifications: Measurement standards for the acquisition of farmed shrimp are generally divided into more than 18 cm; 15 cm to less than 18 cm; 13 cm to less than 15 cm; 12 cm to less than 13 cm; 10 cm to less than 12 cm; More than 8 cm to less than 10 cm and less than 8 cm in seven sizes. The body length of the shrimp refers to the length from the trailing edge of the eye socket to the tip of the tail. When the body length is long, the operator should hold the shrimp in the left hand, and use the index finger to rest on the head and thorax joints of the shrimp. The middle finger rests on the back end of the abdomen, and the thumb is The back of the abdomen is pressed down until the shrimp body is straight, and the right hand measures the length of the body from the side of the back. Due to the difference in the size of the shrimp, the body weight of the same length of shrimp is often very different, and the final price of finished shrimp is based on body weight, not body length. Therefore, the above measurement method is not scientific enough and should be improved. “The fixed-weight and mantissa-based pricing method can be used for measurement. That is, when sampling, the average number of 500 g of raw shrimp is calculated, and only by looking up the table, it can be obtained. Knowing that the shrimp can be processed to the average specifications of the finished shrimp, the data on the purchase price of the raw shrimp can be determined by referring to the sixth part below. After rigorous weighing, the invoice must be filled in carefully after the inspection and inspection of the standard. The contents of the invoice include the level, quantity, and specifications.
2. Preservation: The prawn that has been weighed must be immediately added with ice at a ratio of 1:1-1:1.5 of shrimp ice. Using a clean mechanism, the ice cubes should be granules with a diameter of 2-3 cm.
3. Transportation: Prawns that have been packaged with ice and kept fresh, should be transported by a fashion vehicle. When loading and unloading trucks should be lightly loaded and unloaded, attention should be paid to placing the cross bar of each plastic box above the box to avoid the shrimp box above and the inside of the box below. Prawn contact. Transport trucks should use covered cars or trucks to cover the tarpaulins to prevent the sun. Fresh shrimp must be processed into the cold storage on the same day after leaving the pool.

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