Precautions for buying chicks

The first thing you should pay attention to when purchasing chicks is to sell chicken breeders in hatchery hatcheries that are of pure origin, chicks must be of reliable source, pure breed multi-hybrid chickens, or commodity chicks from a specialized parental generation, must not purchase chickens Descendants; whether or not the breeder is tested for chicken fleas and to eliminate positive breeders, because only the hatchlings of eggs produced by healthy hens will not develop dermatosis.

It is better to hatch the chicks on time in 21 days. Generally speaking, chicks hatched within 8 hours after hatching from the first chick are healthy chicks; hatching after 8 hours is inferior to the health of the former hatchery. In the last hatchling, the masses were “swept beach chicks”, mostly congenital malnutrition, and the survival rate was reduced; some were hatched after artificial shelling and placed in incubators. Although a few survived, their physique was particularly debilitated. The survival rate is extremely low, even if it is barely survived, the growth rate is extremely slow.

Healthy chickens have neat, bright, long and short hair, normal body shape, moderate body weight, moderate and soft abdominal umbilicus, good umbilical cord healing, and a dry villi on the umbilicus; hold it in hands, lively and powerful; Full, wide-eyed and energetic, with no eyelids or mucous adhesions, loud, no gasping; mouth, feet, wings and tail normal, clean and dirt-free around the anus.

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