Precise use of wheat precision seeder

Environmental requirements for precision seeding 1. Good soil foundation Fine seeding is applicable to high-yield plots with good conditions such as soil, fertilizer, and water. The plots must be ploughed deeply and carefully, thoroughly and compactly, and be applied to Panasonic. The ground level should be flat and there should be no obscuration. The base fertilizer should be applied. 2. Good seed quality The seeds selected for wheat finesse must be high-yield, strong tiller and high productivity per plant. Before sowing, the seeds should be cleaned with a suitable long-hole sieve to ensure that the seeds are full and the germination rate is high. Before sowing, the seeds should be treated with drugs to prevent pests and diseases. 3. Appropriate sowing date and appropriate early sowing of the seeded wheat due to less sowing, relying on the increase in the number of tillers, so must be based on solar terms, according to the appropriate temperature and ground temperature sowing in advance. The average daily temperature for winter wheat sowing is 15°C to 18°C. Timely troubleshooting, to ensure that the common failure of sowing quality and its causes are as follows: 1. Loss of sowing head outlet blockage; input tube blockage; row clutch is not in the joint position; row of reducer box spring force weakened or spring break. 2. The repressor wheel cannot turn or the blade of the clay scraper is not sharp or the clearance is too large; the scraper iron collides with the anti-slip gear; the soil moisture content is high. 3. When the drive shaft is deflected during work, the seeder is unbalanced, and the unilateral limit chain of the pull rod of the tractor suspension mechanism is too short. Precautions during operation 1. It is forbidden to join the power after the soil is inserted first, or to drastically lower the seeder to prevent damage to the tractor and the seeder drive parts. 2. Stop operation when reversing or turning. 3. Do not allow people to plant on the planter to prevent accidents from falling. 4. When replacing parts, the engine should be turned off.

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