Preserved planting notes

To cultivate Lamei, you need to master the following technologies:

1 colonization. Due to the fear of the wind, Xili Yang should choose a leeward, sunny, well-drained plot. The time of planting is suitable for winter and spring. When planting, seedlings can barely pick some mud. For more than 3 years, Lamei should carry earthballs. The basal fertilizer should be applied before planting, and the irrigated water should be provided after planting.

2 water and fertilizer management. The management of ground-grown waxberry is relatively extensive. In late September, full-fertilizer should be applied. Fertilizer can be used to fully decompose municipal solid waste and incorporate a small amount of bean cake powder. Should use acupuncture points (from the main stem about 40 to 60 cm, depending on the size of the tree), 3 to April need to spend Xie Fei, available manure and the like fertilizer. We should keep the fields free of weeds and avoid water accumulation.

3 Actively prevent and control pests and diseases.

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