Prevent long black spots on orchid leaves

The maintenance requirements of orchids are relatively fine, and black spots, etc., may occur on the blades. If water is poured into the top of the head, it is easy to splash basin soil on the leaves, so that the leaves coke. Fertilizers are applied to the leaves during the application of fertilizers. If water is not sprayed immediately, dark spots and coke will appear on the leaves. If the sun does not pay attention to the shade during the spring and summer season, the leaves of the orchids will yellow and burn under the hot sun. Placed in the environment with many soots, orchids cause dark spots due to smoke. In addition, orchids are endangered by anthrax, and black spots often appear in the leaves.

Orchid anthracnose is particularly prone to, and sometimes even more severe in, the high-temperature and poorly ventilated rainy season or the autumn rainy season. Symptoms of the disease are the appearance of semi-circular or round brown spots at the beginning of the leaves, which gradually develop into dark browns. Many lesions expand into strips of dark brown lesions, which turn gray in the middle of the lesions. Black spots. The disease is more common in the middle and upper leaves. If the disease is found, the diseased leaf should be cut off. When it was first discovered, besides improving ventilation, it could spray 50% carbendazim WP 500 times, or thiophanate WP 500 times, and spray it once a week. Continuous spraying 3 times to 4 times, can receive better results. In order to prevent pests and diseases, orchids should not be too crowded or dense enough to avoid overlapping with each other and maintain a well-ventilated and light-transparent environment.

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