Preventing Atractylodes blight

Atractylodes hirsutum is a major disease in the seedling stage, and the incidence is heavier at low temperature and rain. The victim plant first appeared yellow-brown lesions on the base of the stem, and then the lesions gradually expanded, showing dark brown shrinkage and shrinkage, and the diseased plants fell to death. Medicinal farmers called it "rotten stem disease."
Hymexazol is a systemic soil bactericide that inhibits the growth of pathogenic bacteria and fungi or directly kills germs. It binds to iron and aluminum ions in the soil, strongly inhibits the germination of pathogenic spores, enhances efficacy, and can Through the absorption of roots, glycosides are metabolized in plants to promote plant growth.
Using 99% Chamomile 3000 times liquid roots to perfuse Atractylodes lucidum, the symptoms of Atractylodes infestation can be improved after 3 days, and it can be used again after 7 days. It has a very good therapeutic effect, such as Atractylodes lancea and Wu Honghui in Xinhe Village of Longmen Town. The use of the block is 60% better than the control thiophanate-methyl (a good preventive effect). It has been used in my town for many years and is an ideal medicament for the treatment of fungal diseases.

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