Prevention and treatment of orange yellow dragon disease

Citrus Huanglongbing, also known as yellow tip disease, is a serious disease in citrus production areas in Sichuan, Yunnan, Guizhou, Guangdong, Guangxi, and Fujian. It has been listed as a quarantine subject in China.
Symptoms of spring, summer, and fall shoots can be affected, with the most occurring on the summer shoots, followed by the autumn shoots. The incidence of spring shoots is mostly after May. Summer and autumn shoots start from July. At the beginning of the disease, only a few new shoots were yellowed and lost their luster, especially in the midrib and lateral veins. After the diseased leaves, the veins of the old leaves gradually became yellow, and the leaves yellowed soon. The diseased cultivars bloomed earlier and more in the following year, and the flowers were small, deformed and easy to fall off; the fruits became smaller, the peel became harder, the juice had less taste acid, and the luster was poorer. At the same time, there are more yellow shoots, rapid decline in tree vigor, and significant reduction in output. The diseased tip gradually died from the top down.
Prevention 1 Quarantine shall be carried out, and output and introduction of diseased seedlings and suspected seedlings shall be prohibited.
2 Establish a disease-free nursery and cultivate disease-free seedlings. Nurseries must be set up in isolated areas.
3 Strengthen cultivation and management, prevent and control pests and diseases, increase tree vigor, and increase resistance to disease.
4 Timely treatment of diseased trees, exhumation of diseased plants that have lost the ability to harvest results, and the cutting off of diseased branches where severe disease cannot be achieved. If the incidence of citrus in the orchard has reached more than 10%, the empty land after excavating the diseased plants will no longer be planted, and other crops may be changed. The old orchard with an incidence of less than 5% found that the diseased tree should be immediately cut off from the base of its main branch. As for the new mandarin planted in the diseased citrus region, all young trees below the 3rd age shall be immediately removed and replanted; young trees above 4 years of age shall be sick if the incidence of the orchard is below 5%. The branches are cut off from the base of their main branches and strengthened in management; if the incidence is above 6%, they should be cut from the 1st to 2nd branches below the lateral tip, and then cut off from the base of the main branches after the fruits are collected. However, the incidence rate of orchards has reached more than 10%, and other crops will be replanted after excavation.

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