Prevention of grape black spot disease

Blackpox disease, also known as bird eye disease and sore disease, is the most widespread and most harmful grape disease in China. The southern provinces of China are particularly affected by the wet and damp weather in spring and summer. Symptoms: It mainly harms the young shoots, young leaves and young fruit of the grapes. When new shoots, vines, petioles, veins, tendrils, and stalks are victimized, dark irregular spots are formed. The lesions can be combined with synthetic pieces to form ulcers, and the upper part is circumcised to cause death. Young leaves suffer a polygonal shape, and the vein victims stop growing, causing the leaves to shrink and become deformed. The leaves were attacked by a yellowish-yellow, round-spotted, dark-brown center, with dark brown or purple rims, and ruptured perforations when dry. The young fruit is affected by a brownish brown spot, with purple brown outside, and the central grayish white birdish eye. The later stage of the lesion cracked, the disease is small and pickled. Incidence of the disease: The main pathogen is the wintering of mycelium at the site of diseased leaves and diseased vines. After the budding of the next year, new spores emerge. When the conditions are appropriate, the spores germinate and invade from the natural orifices such as lenticels and stomata. After the infection, lesions can be formed in about 10 days. After repeated infestations, the condition was aggravated. Long-distance transmission depends on disease seedlings and cuttings. The optimum temperature for generating a shooter and invading is 25°C. The first infection occurred in the budding leaf stage in Shanghai and began to appear in about 10 days. It occurred in the 1-3 leaves at the base of the shoot, and the first peak appeared 15 days later. After repeated infestations in the future, from May to June, the mid-to-late months were the peak of onset. At the time of the rainy season, not only was the rain more, the humidity was high, but the temperature had risen to about 25 C. At the same time, new shoots, branches, leaves, If the fruit is in a tender stage, it will invade the pathogen. From July to August, due to the high temperature and low humidity, combined with the aging of the tissues, the incidence of disease-infested Ha was inhibited and the incidence was less. It will spread again in the cool autumn and late autumn in late August, and the suppression will continue until the fallen leaves. Eurasian breeds and local breeds are susceptible to disease, while American breeds such as Roselle are more resistant to disease. Prevention methods (l) Clear gardens in winter to reduce the source of initial dip. (2) Baume 3-5 degrees lime sulfur evenly spray dry; (3) the beginning of the leaf (two leaf one heart, new shoot about 5cm length,) began to control, spray once every two weeks later. Two leaves and one heart, 1-2 days before flowering, 80% of Xiehua and about 10 days after flowering are the four key periods of textiles, and we cannot neglect prevention and treatment. The agents with better effects are: 3,000 times as much as the world, 5,000 times as Amicis, 1:1:160-200 of Bordeaux mixture, 1,000 times as Chlorothalonil, 1000 times as Mancozem and 1,000 times as Thiophanate. , Carbendazim 1000 times and so on. According to reports, before and after flowering, and during the expansion of young fruit, spraying nitrite WP 800-1000 times has good control effect.

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