Principle and characteristics of liquid chromatograph diode array detector

High performance liquid chromatography diode array detector ultraviolet light emitted from a deuterium lamp through the achromatic lens system, is irradiated on the flow cell, a slit after irradiating a light beam on a holographic grating, the spectral dispersion by a set of photodiodes arrival On the array, spectral information was measured in a few milliseconds. Compared to conventional spectral detectors, the relative position of the splitting system and the sample cell of the secondary array detector is exactly opposite, so this optical path structure is called an "inverted optical" system.

The secondary array tube detector first passes the speed of light through the flow cell and then splits it by the beam splitting system so that all wavelengths of light are detected simultaneously at the diode array detector. Its signal is obtained by electronically scanning quickly, and the scanning speed is very fast, far beyond the peak speed of the chromatogram, so it can detect the absorption spectrum of each moment of the chromatographic effluent, and obtain the three-dimensional time - chromatographic signal. - Absorption spectrum.

The characteristics of the secondary array tube detector are:

1 can perform full wavelength detection, one injection can detect all components in different absorption wavelengths in the sample;

2 high spectral resolution, can detect the purity of the chromatographic peak;

3 high sensitivity;

4 linear range is wide;

5 The noise of the baseline is small.

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