Processing and Utilization Technology of Silkworm Cocoon

Silkworm cocoons are cocoons of the silkworm moth family, or cocoons of the larvae of the genus Bombycidae. The national sericulture area is produced. It is mainly taken from cocoon after cocooning, washed, or dried. Among them, silkworm cocoons are sweet, salty, and flat. Yipi tonic, Chufan thirst. Contains protein, fat, vitamins (A, B2, D) and ergosterol. Protein hydrolysates include arginine, lysine, histidine, cystine, tryptophan, tyrosine, threonine, and methionine. Fat contains saturated fatty acids (palmitic acid, stearic acid), unsaturated fatty acids (oleic acid, linoleic acid) and sterols. Silkworm pupa oil has the effect of lowering serum cholesterol and improving liver function. For weak spleen or malnutrition, weight loss, fatigue; Spleen deficiency, dry mouth, virtual trouble fever. Can be fried, Jiantang or into powder. Cognac and leeks fried or fried.
First, the silkworm cocoons scattered: 90 grams of silkworm cocoons, baked dry, into powder, 30 grams each serving, rice wine or warm water delivery service. From "Compendium of Materia Medica". This side is dedicated to the role of silkworm cocoon Buxu. Suitable for children with hoarding or long suffering from lung spasm, muscle wasting. It can also be fried and cooked.
Second, cocoon soup: silkworm cocoon 60 grams, water and rice wine (or liquor) Jiantang juice service. From "Sheng Hui Fang." In addition to boring and quenching thirst, silkworm soup is generally used as a decoction for dryness, fever, or heart-warming and distraught. If you take silkworm decoction soup service is better.
Third, the egg fried silkworm cocoon: The silkworm cocoon put into saturated salt water, so that the cocoon cocoon separated from the cocoon bag, and then taken to dry in the sun. At the same time, dry the silkworm into water for 1-2 hours, then put the chopped garlic, chives, and cocoon together in a hot oil pan to stir fry for a while, turn the eggs into a paste and add to the pan Continue to fry until the eggs are cooked.
Fourth, silkworm sand wine: 250 grams of silkworm sand, 1 litre of liquor. Silkworm eggs were screened for impurities, fried yellow, bagged wine immersed, sealed bottle mouth, shaking 1 week, 2 weeks after drinking. 30-60 ml each time, 2 times a day. Efficacy: rheumatism, only stop pain. Silkworm excrement has the effect of dehumidification, gasification, and turbidity, and it also enters blood and relieves pain. This product is now known to contain a variety of amino acids and carotene, chlorophyll, vitamin B and copper, and is considered to be an anti-rheumatic drug. Liquor loose moisture, active blood circulation, hurricane. The two flavors are used as a formula that is easy to formulate and has a good curative effect.

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