Processing feathers should focus on methods

Kind of feather

Poultry, divided into two major categories of poultry and wild birds. There are chickens, ducks and goose feathers in poultry, pheasant, geese and wild duck hair in wild birds. Exposed outside the body called "outer feather", such as wing feathers, back feathers, waist feathers, tail feathers; patch skin cover some of the velvet, referred to as "fluff."

The output of feathers is 7.6%-8.6% of the live weight. If it can be collected and processed, pillows, duvets, vests, aerial mountaineering clothing and military sleeping bags can be produced. In addition, large feathers can also make feather fans, badminton and arrow feathers.

Feather collection and preservation

First, collection. There are two types of hair removal methods: dry pull and wet pull. Dry pull is preferred. However, in most parts of China, wet extraction is used. The wet extracted wool has large moisture content and needs to be dried before it can be preserved. The following points must be noted when collecting:

1. The villi, fluff, and large feathers of all types of birds are collected. Especially the goose and duck hair of the goose and duck are the most valuable parts of the feather and must not be missed.

2. The quality and use of feathers vary, so chicken, duck, and goose must not be mixed.

3, in order to ensure the quality of feathers, do not mix the feet shells, viscera, feces and so on.

Second, drying. When feather drying, please note the following points:

1. When drying feathers, choose a sheltered, sunny and clean place for drying. Do not mix impurities.

2. Chickens, ducks and goose feathers should be separately dried and not mixed.

3, dried feathers should be timely collection, so as not to be blown away by the wind and dew at night.

Third, preservation. In order to avoid feather rot and infestation, the following points should be noted during preservation:

1, dried feathers should be stored in a dry warehouse, and should always check whether the wet, if there is mold or special smell, should be re-drying.

2. When it is not suitable for drying in rainy or windy days, it can be spread in the room to dry.

3, there should be someone responsible for the collection, drying, preservation and other work.

Feather processing method

First, the wind election. Pour the feathers into the shaker in batches, turn on the blower, fly the feathers in the box, and use different proportions of the debris, feathers, lime sand, and foot skin, etc., and drop them into the holding box, and then collect and process them separately. . In order to ensure quality, the wind speed inside the bellows should be kept uniform, and then the selected feathers should be sent into a large bag and sent to the testing room.

Second, check the net. After the feathers are selected, the hairy stems and stray hairs should be checked again, and a sample check should be made to see if the ash content and the cashmere content meet the required standards.

Third, and heap. After the inspection of the net feathers, according to the quality of ingredients, adjust and pile, so that the amount of cashmere to the finished product standards.

Fourth, packaging. After the piled feathers are sampled and retested to meet the standards, they can be poured into the baler and packaged (about 165 kilograms per package). Then they are taken out, and the headers are sewed and numbered. The scales are the finished products.

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