Prosthetic storage technology

After the beginning of the winter, the middle region of Yuzhong again reached the time of the harvest. The traditional bag storage method is used for the harvesting of oysters. The preservation effect is unsatisfactory. Because the outside temperature during storage is fluctuating, the chilly crickets are extremely susceptible to rot and deterioration when they encounter a steep rise in temperature. Loss of commodity value and food value. In terms of storage technology, the author explored a set of practical storage methods. The following points briefly introduce the storage points to the majority of farmers.

First, the timely harvest General 芫荽 The appropriate harvest period is after the beginning of winter, harvested before the arrival of small snow. The harvest is too early, the stems and leaves are not fully developed, and the weight of the individual plants is small, thereby affecting the yield and benefit of the mu. Harvested too late, the degree of fibrosis of the stems and leaves is high, the taste is not new, the quality is degraded, the value of food and the value of the commodity will be greatly reduced, and at the same time, the temperature changes from beginning to winter and the snow is low, and the temperature may change at any time. As a result, it suffered freezing injury and affected storage. Therefore, according to the weather conditions, it is necessary to have a flexible grasp of the harvest period.

Second, site selection and preparation for storage The general choice of courtyard leeward sunny place, such as the wall with the following, can be filled with 30 cm thick fertile loam in the wall, the size of the storage Stork depends on the number of stored oysters, stacked After a long time, the surrounding bricks are well used to prevent running winds. Brick joints are used to make a good paste. Walls on the north do not have wall bases. You can use the wall of the house. The height of the south wall is about 50 cm. From south to north, it gradually climbs up, ramps out of the slope, and reaches the top of the north at about 1 meter, which is convenient for harvesting natural light to raise the temperature in the chamber.

Third, planting and management Before harvesting, we must pour water into the paddy fields. After drying for one day, use iron shovels to carry out soiling. Try not to injure the roots and transplant them with soil. The depth of the soil shall be suitable for burying the roots. Transplanting After pouring a small amount of water, when it is slow, pour a little water. Use bamboo poles or wooden sticks to cover the film on the top. When the outside temperature gradually decreases, add insulation, such as grasshoppers and mats. Open it during the day and cover it at night. During storage, basically no watering is required. When the temperature exceeds 20°C in the daytime, the shed film can be uncovered, and the air can be properly ventilated to prevent the high temperature from being prolonged. When entering the deep winter, cover the corn stover outside the south, east and west walls for insulation.

Stored in this way, you can keep fresh as you eat. The storage cost is relatively low, and the storage period is long. When the market is good for the Spring Festival, it can be listed and traded, and the economic benefits are considerable.

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