Quality of Agricultural Products: Anhui Strengthens Whole Process Supervision

Recently, the Anhui Provincial Agriculture Commission held a meeting to summarize and supervise agricultural product quality and safety supervision. The meeting proposed five new measures to promote the pre-production, mid-production, and post-production supervision of agricultural products in a solid manner, effectively strengthen the system construction, and bring various legal systems into consideration. Practice, highlight the supervision system and service capacity building.

Implement supervision system. Focusing on the key links in the production and management of agricultural products, we will gradually establish and improve various management systems such as the management of input products, the approval of bases for agricultural products, and market access. We will gradually implement legal requirements into agricultural production and management in accordance with the principle of “difficulty, ease, and difficulty”. .

Strengthen supervision and management. To expand the scope and frequency of supervised sampling inspections, not only should fresh agricultural products strengthen sampling inspection, but agricultural input products should also focus on strengthening sampling inspections and gradually establish and improve monitoring networks. Major issues are strictly pursued in accordance with the law. Establish and improve the emergency management system in accordance with the law. In the event of a quality and safety emergency, respond quickly and scientifically.

Promote standardized production. Through the implementation of large-scale, multi-level, multi-regional agricultural standardization activities, we will speed up the construction of agricultural standardized demonstration zones, demonstration parks, and demonstration bases. We will give priority to supporting and guiding the leading enterprises in agricultural industrialization and farmers' professional cooperation organizations, implement various measures for production and management of bases, track and supervise the use of agricultural input products, and establish and improve the quality and safety archives of agricultural products.

Strengthen supervision capacity building. The Provincial Agriculture Commission has set up an agricultural product quality and safety supervision office and is actively promoting the construction of city and county-level regulatory agencies. At present, 11 cities, 13 city-level competent authorities, and 4 county-level agricultural departments have established regulatory agencies. Began to fully plan the construction of township agricultural product supervision service system.

Implement supervision responsibility. The "Regulations on the Quality and Safety of Agricultural Products in Anhui Province" clarified the supervision responsibilities of the governments at all levels and the relevant regulatory authorities, and also clarified the responsibilities of the first person responsible for the production and management of agricultural products. Under the premise of determining the agricultural sector as the subject of quality and safety supervision of agricultural products, it is necessary to emphasize the clear division of labor and emphasize the importance of establishing a coordination mechanism.

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