Quality requirements after tractor repair

The quality of tractor repairs depends not only on the equipment of the repair outlets, but more importantly on the technical quality of the repair technicians. The tractor is of good quality and plays an important role in the tractor's high efficiency, high quality, low consumption and safe work. Therefore, after the tractor is repaired, it should meet the following quality requirements:

1. The tractor's engine is easy to start and runs smoothly with no abnormal noise and black smoke.

2. The engine governor works flexibly and reliably. The speed can be high and low with the size of the throttle.

3. The fuel consumption is within the specified standards and the engine power complies with the specified requirements.

4. There is no oil leakage, leakage, leakage and leakage of the tractor and engine.

5. Various instruments are normal when the tractor is working.

6. The tractor steering mechanism is flexible and reliable, free stroke or clearance meets the requirements of the regulations.

7. The clutch works normally, and the separation is complete and reliable. The gear shift is easy, no skipping and abnormal noise.

8, the brake is effective and reliable, no unilateral phenomenon. The walking mechanism is working properly and there are no deviations or swings.

9. The hydraulic pressure drop mechanism works reliably and the electrical equipment is complete and effective. The joints of the tractors are solid and reliable.

10. The tractor has a good appearance, bright paint, and no rust.

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