Range hood installation operation and maintenance

Soot is a large amount of thermal oxidative decomposition products produced by edible oils and foods under high temperature conditions, which adversely affects the environment and personal safety. The range hood is a kitchen equipment that purifies the kitchen environment. The equipment can quickly remove the waste burning from the stove and the fumes generated during the cooking process, and purify it, discharge it to the outside, reduce pollution, purify the air, and have the safety protection effect of anti-virus and explosion-proof.

However, it is worth noting that although the range hood can effectively purify the soot and solve the problem of soot pollution, it must be done under the premise of ensuring the normal operation of the equipment, otherwise the range hood can not achieve the effect of purifying the soot. It is reported that a province has carried out special inspections on self-organized dining halls and cooking fumes in urban colleges and universities, and has conducted a “back look” at two schools in an urban area.

A series of problems such as installation of unit fume equipment and environmental fume emissions and waste gas treatment in the operation room are checked. According to the inspection results, the pollution problem of soot exhaust gas in colleges and universities can be more common. Among them, there is a situation that the restaurant console is not equipped with a gas collecting hood, the oil vent cleaning device is not installed at the air outlet, the operation and maintenance of the installed soot equipment is improper, and the soot purification equipment cannot be operated normally, and the purpose of purifying the oil smoke is achieved.

To this end, some professionals believe that the correct installation and operation of the fume purification equipment plays a vital role in achieving the effect of lampblack purification. First, first determine the location of the hood and dock the various components. Then hang the hood on the hanging plate to ensure that the hood is stable to ensure the equipment is running smoothly.

Second, it is necessary to install the exhaust pipe on the range hood and the shared flue. The exhaust pipe should not be installed too deep to avoid smoke exhaustion or smoke return. At the same time, it is necessary to install a lampblack purifier at the exhaust vent, so that the soot can be excluded from the outdoor by purifying, complying with the soot emission standard, and at the same time preventing the outflow of soot from a certain extent. In addition, "large smokers" need to install a gas hood to prevent the spread of soot.

After the hood is installed, it is important to understand the correct method of operation. On the one hand, whether it is cooking, boiling water, soup, etc., the range hood should be turned on. Because the function of the range hood is not only to take away cooking fumes, but also to eliminate gas pollution. On the other hand, when opening the range hood to remove the fumes, it is necessary to ventilate at any time to avoid a small amount of soot staying in the kitchen, which will affect the kitchen environment and sanitation for a long time.

In fact, in addition to the correct installation and operation of the range hood, it is very important to regularly clean and maintain the soot equipment. Because the range hood is not cleaned and maintained for a long time, it will not be ruled out that the oil will cause the impeller load to increase, the rotation speed is slow, and the smoke exhausting effect is poor. Or the pipe valve will be stuck by oil stains, can not be closed, the main flue soot is discharged into the kitchen. In addition, the oil net oil stains will continue to increase, blocking the air inlet oil network, causing difficulty in exhausting smoke and so on.
Therefore, it is best to use regular detergent to clean the wind wheel, pipe valve, oil net oil stain, air passage cavity and oil surface and dirt on the surface of the machine. The dirt accumulation time is too long and it is not easy to clean. It is worth noting that special care should be taken when cleaning the wind wheel. It is not allowed to collide and deform or move the weight of the blade. Otherwise, the whole machine will vibrate and the noise will increase. In addition, the oil in the oil cup should be disposed of in time, and should be dumped in time when it is accumulated to seven minutes.

Undoubtedly, the problem of soot has always been valued by the relevant departments. Constantly strengthening the management of soot has become one of the priorities of the local department. Among them, in the fume control work, the range hood will be sampled, including the installation and use of the hood, the cleaning and maintenance of the equipment and facilities, and the operation of the equipment.

Therefore, catering users, school canteens and other units should correctly install and operate the range hood to ensure the normal operation of the equipment, in order to better meet the soot emission standards and achieve the purpose of purifying the soot.

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