Rape Bored Up by Drought

After spring, rape enters a period of vegetative growth and reproductive growth. It needs to absorb large amounts of nutrients. Therefore, scientific fertilization should be carried out according to soil quality, climate, and fertilization before spring, in combination with seedling conditions.

1, early application of spring fertilizer early spring fertilizer can remedy the shortage of winter rapeseed growth, promote more branches, early buds. In particular, the shortage of basal fertilizer and the failure to apply wax fertilizer to rapeseeds are the key to seizing high yields in the early spring. Generally 5-7 kg of urea or 10-15 kg of ammonium bicarbonate.

2. The fertilizer applied during the bud stage of the rapeseed rape should be treated according to the appearance of rapeseed. For those fields with weak seedlings and poor growing conditions, it is necessary to reapply early, that is, when the height of axillary is about 50 centimeters, mu Shi excrete 15-20 urine, add 5 kg of urea or 45% compound fertilizer 10-15 kg; Growing fields with strong green leaves and dark green leaves must be delayed or less applied.

3, leaf spraying rapeseed is very sensitive to boron, and needs a large amount. During the winter and spring, most of the wintering rapeseeds suffered severe and continuous drought, which had a great impact on the normal growth and development of rapeseed. Because of the continuous drought, the effectiveness of "boron" in soil is greatly reduced, and crop roots cannot be absorbed. As a result, rapeseed plants are deficient in boron, and flowering is not real, resulting in severe reduction in yield. Therefore, special attention should be paid to the application of boron fertilizer to drought-bearing rape. Even if rapeseed fields with boron fertilizers have been applied at the time of sowing or transplanting, foliar spraying of boron is still required during flowering.

The spraying of boron on the leaves of rapeseed should be robbed from the bud to the early flowering stage. The mu should be sprayed 2-3 times with 0.1% Sonic Boron or 0.5% borax aqueous solution. If the amount of boron fertilizer is not enough or the amount of liquid is not enough, it will not achieve the desired effect of increasing production. In addition, we must pay attention to the quality of purchasing boron fertilizer to prevent the use of counterfeit boron fertilizer and cause no success.

In addition, in order to improve rape lodging resistance, disease resistance, and resistance to stains, the application of potash fertilizer has a significant effect, especially in potassium-deficient soils such as sandy fields and paddy fields, and the application of potash fertilizer in spring can receive a significant increase in yield. The time is March. In the middle, we can use plant ash to spread, about 150 kg per mu or 15 kg of potassium chloride.


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