Rapeseed field tube: watering make-up and application of boron fertilizer

According to experts from the provincial Agricultural Technology Extension Station, the current rapeseed will enter the vigorous growth stage of bolting, and it is the critical period for field management. In view of the fact that the current rapeseed is generally frozen and the leaves are dry and yellow, and the individual fields of rapeseed are thin, and the growth is slow and the seedlings are different, the following technical measures should be taken in the early rapeseed fields:
Watering make up. At present, temperatures have risen, and rapeseed has entered a vigorous growth stage. Watering can supplement the soil moisture and meet the needs of rapeseed growth. The dry land will strive to pour the water once in mid-February. It is advisable to water the water from 10 am to 3 pm. Generally, the amount of water per acre is 30 to 50 square meters, which guarantees one time of drenching and making up for bottom water.
Stir early. Fertilizer is applied when the rapeseed is bolted or just when the bolting is started. It can make the spring rape grow steadily and has more moss and strong branches. To combine water or sulphate fertilizer. Ammonium sulfate per acre 12 to 15 kg or urea 5 to 7 kg. For rapeseed that is late in the planting period and with severe frost damage, it should be applied early and applied more.
Apply boron fertilizer. Brassica napus can be sprayed with boron fertilizer at the beginning of bolting to avoid “flowering but not realism” and increase seed setting rate. In the initial stage of bolting, spraying 0.1-0.2 borax aqueous solution 60 kg/mu (times), or using 50 grams of instant boron fertilizer (liquid boron fertilizer) and 60 kg of water, the effect is better. Under the condition that the base fertilizer was not applied with boron fertilizer, the effect of increasing the production of boron sprayed out of roots was more prominent. Spraying phosphorus can increase grain weight and increase oil content. Phosphorus spray concentration of 1-2%, spray 60 kg per mu, spraying once every 7 days, continuous spraying 2 times. The boron fertilizers currently sold on the market mainly include borax and boric acid, which are white crystals or powders. Generally, they are hardly soluble in cold water, and are easily dissolved in hot water at 40°C. Please pay attention to the correct method when spraying. To increase the effect of spraying boron fertilizer. Before bolting to flowering (no later than the initial flowering period), especially the plots of oil-cotton planting (planting) should pay attention to the application of boron fertilizer.
Clean up the "three ditch." Rainwater increases after the beginning of spring, and rapeseed fields are vulnerable to waterlogging. In areas where conditions permit, we must seize the favorable opportunity before closure of the line to cultivate the soil, remove weeds, and enhance plant lodging resistance; reduce the number of sclerotia and reduce the risk of Sclerotinia sclerotiorum. Promote rapeseed growth. Combined with cultivator, clean up the "three ditch" to ensure the need for drainage and irrigation.

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