Rapeseed Formula Fertilization after Spring

After spring, rape enters a period of vegetative growth and reproductive growth. It needs to absorb large amounts of nutrients. Therefore, scientific fertilization should be carried out according to soil quality, climate, and fertilization before spring, in combination with seedling conditions.

1, early application of spring fertilizer early spring fertilizer can remedy the shortage of winter rapeseed growth, promote more branches, early buds. In particular, the shortage of basal fertilizer and the failure to apply wax fertilizer to rapeseeds are the key to seizing high yields in the early spring. Generally 5-7 kg of urea or 10-15 kg of ammonium bicarbonate.

2, the clever application of fat rape bud fertilizer period should be treated according to rape growth. For the weak seedlings, the poor growing plots should be re-applied early, that is, when the height is about 50 centimeters, Mu Shi human excrement 15-20, plus urea 5 kg or 45% compound fertilizer 10-15 kg, right Strong growth, dark green leaves, fertilizer to delay the application or less.

3. Boron spraying rapeseed is very sensitive to boron, and it needs a large quantity. The insufficient supply of boron in the soil often leads to rapeseed insufficiency. The "flowering but not realizing" of rape is a physiological disease caused by boron deficiency. The application of boron fertilizer has a good effect of increasing production. Boron after spring rape, generally sprayed once in the initial flowering period, 50-100 grams of borax per mu, dissolved first with hot water, and then sprayed 50-60 kg of fresh water; the second boron spray can be combined with rape sclerotiorum The prevention and control are carried out together to increase the yield of rapeseed.

4. Potassium fertilizer is applied to improve rape resistance, resistance to disease, and resistance to waterlogging. Applying potassium fertilizer has obvious effects. In particular, potassium fertilizer is applied to potassium-deficient soils such as sandy fields and paddy fields to receive significant yield-increasing effects. In late February to mid-March, we can use plant ash to spread, about 150 kg per mu or 15 kg of potassium chloride.

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