Rapid germination of pepper seeds

According to GB3543-83 of the National Agricultural Crop Inspection Regulations, pepper seed germination beds are gauze or filter paper, and the germination potential is calculated as 6 days, and the germination rate is 14 days. In the gauze or filter paper method, the moisture is not easy to control, and the seed is easily rotted and has a long time. The use of towel roll sprouting rules is simple, rapid (4 days to remember the germination potential, 7 days to remember the germination rate), high accuracy (with the standard method error within 2%), is an ideal germination bed. Therefore, the rapid seed germination of towel rolls can be used for indoor inspection of pepper seeds. The specific operation is as follows:
1. The spare towel is boiled and sterilized in advance, removed by cooling to room temperature, and wrung until it does not drip.
2. Take 4 random samples from the good seeds after the cleanliness test, each 100 capsules, total 400 capsules;
3. Place 4 sterilized wet towels on the table and arrange the seeds neatly on the half towel. Keep at least the same size as the seed between the pellets and the pellets. The edges should be about 1.5 cm. Then cover the remaining half of the seed, put a bamboo chopstick in the middle, carefully wring the wet towel into a stick, tie it with rubber bands at both ends, and put it into a plastic bag filled with air. On the label, specify the bed time, type, number of repetitions, etc. Finally, repeat 4 times into the 30 °C germination box until the end of germination, without adding water;
4. On the fourth and seventh days of the test, the four seeds were checked for germination. Take the average number as the germination potential and germination rate of the batch of seeds. When the germination potential and the germination rate are checked, except for roots and shoots, the broken seedlings need to be included in the normal germinating seeds. Other standards are exactly the same as the standard method.

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