Reasons and Countermeasures for Low Fertility of Special Wild Boars

In recent years, special wild boars have become people's delicacies due to their unique flavor, rich game flavor, and high lean meat percentage. At present, the wholesale price of wild boar gross weight in Guangdong and Shanghai is equivalent to 5-8 times that of domestic pigs. Boars have the characteristics of strong adaptability, difficulty in getting diseases, resistance to roughage (grass grass), and low feeding costs. Therefore, raising wild boars has become a quick and rich project for farmers. However, it is understood that some farmer households have had poor reproductive performance due to improper feeding and management during the breeding of wild boars, which has seriously affected the breeding efficiency. The reasons and countermeasures for the low fertility of male boars are described below: Pigs are fat. Wild boars were originally wild animals and they were mainly eaten by leaves and weeds. Artificial feeding was also required to preserve this characteristic. 60%-70% of the feed should still be green grass such as grass and green vegetables. Some farmers used the experience of raising pigs to feed wild boars with full-priced feeds, which not only greatly increased the cost, but also resulted in no feed restriction due to the pre-growth of reserve pigs, and excessive nutrient levels in the diet, resulting in male boars being over-fertilized. , Excessive weight causes boars to cross over or the sow cannot climb through the boar, resulting in difficulty in breeding or inability to breed. At this time, wild boars should be restricted for feeding, green feed should be the main food, and exercise should be strengthened. 2. Nutrition supply is uneven. Boars need more crude protein and vitamins. If the content of the boar is insufficient or unbalanced, it will affect the boar's constitution and semen quality, resulting in less and thin semen, incomplete sperm development, poor vigor, and reduced fertility rate. , and even lost breeding ability. Such as the lack of calcium, manganese, zinc and other minerals, can cause gonads degradation, low libido. Therefore, boars should be balanced supply of nutrients they need. Fish meal, soybean meal, shrimp, cocoon and other animal feeds rich in crude protein should be adequately supplied all year round; more vitamin-rich green feed should be fed. There is not enough green and juicy winter feed in the north of the country to supplement the vitamin supplements. Usually can feed a variety of more calcium-rich juicy green feed and hay powder, more phosphorus bran, supplement the right amount of bone meal, stone meal or shell, etc., which has a significant effect on improving the quality of boar semen . 3. Lack of exercise and physical fitness. Due to overuse of wild boars or lack of exercise, it is easy to reduce the boar's constitution and cause confusion or disapproval. For this type of boar, it should be exercised. It should be allowed to perform 1--2 hours of exercise every day. The distance can be 1.5-2 km. This is an indispensable measure to enhance boar physique, ensure its exuberant libido and increase sperm motility. Source: "Farmer Wealth Advisor" Edited by China Agriculture Network