Reasons for the automatic deviation of the tractor and troubleshooting

The tractor is divided into walking type (wheel type) and crawler type (also called chain type). In actual operation, due to various reasons, the two tractors will have different degrees of automatic deviation phenomenon.

First, the reason why the wheel tractor automatic deviation

Under normal circumstances, when the steering wheel is moved forward, the tractor automatically or suddenly goes to one side and is called a deviation. The main reasons and exclusion methods are as follows:

1. The pressure difference between the right and left tires is greatly different, so that the scroll speeds on both sides are not the same, causing the tractor to misalign. When inflating, ensure that the tire pressures on both sides are the same and the wells should check the inflation limit in time.

2. The free travel of the steering wheel increases, causing the steering control to malfunction. When the tractor is driving on uneven roads or obstacles such as stones, the front wheels are automatically steered, causing the tractor to suddenly run away. The free travel of the steering wheel should be checked. If the stroke is too large, it should be adjusted. Normally, the degree of freedom of the steering wheel should be in the range of 15-25.

3. The front axis is inclined or bent. Or knuckle shaft deformation, resulting in tractor deviation.

4. Both sides of the rear tire wear is not the same or use the old and new. Different patterns. Different adhesion performance, the tractor is easy to slip when running. Both sides of the tire should be used interchangeably. In addition, it is best to replace the tires in pairs.

Second, the cause of automatic deviation of crawler tractors

In normal driving, the track-type tractor automatically deviates from the driving direction (leftward or rightward) when the left and right joysticks are not pulled, which is generally referred to as self-propelled running.

1. The torques transmitted to the drive wheels on both sides are not equal, making the rotational speeds of the drive wheels on the two sides different. Such as:

1 The side steering clutch lever is not properly adjusted and its free travel is too small or there is no free travel. Steering combiner is in semi-separated and semi-engaged state;

2 The steering clutch chamber is filled with oil and the clutch plate is stained with oil slippage;

3 steering clutch friction plate burning;

4 The steering clutch spring spring weakens, and the speed of the drive wheel on one side of the steering clutch decreases, causing the locomotive to deflect to the low speed side.

2. There is a difference in the speed of the track shoes on both sides of the movement. Such as:

1 The wear and tear on both sides of the track plate pin hole and the track link pin are inconsistent, and the worn track side of the crawler belt becomes larger, so that there will be a difference in the walking distance between the track shoes on both sides of the driving wheel rotating at the same angle;

2 The tension of the track shoes on both sides is inconsistent. The track on the loose side slips on the drive wheel. When the crawler belt and the drive wheel (the gear mushroom head) are worn badly, there will be skipping during driving.

3 In addition, the locomotive is running. The area of ​​the soil contacted by the track shoes on both sides, the hardness and softness of the soil, and the difference in the degree of dry and wet soil, etc.;

4 When the locomotive is traction, the load on the track shoes on both sides is different, which will cause the adhesion of the crawler on one side to change.

The above phenomenon is the cause of the automatic deviation of crawler tractors. When the track-type tractor appears to automatically deviate. It should be ruled out based on its specific reasons. The following precautions should be taken during use:

1 Ensure that the steering clutch technology state is always in perfect condition, so that the speed of the two drive wheels is equal.

2 Check the wear of the track hole and the connecting pin at any time and replace it if necessary. Try to make the pitch of the track on both sides equal. You can use the method of measuring the length of the track assembly when the number of two-folded track plates is equal, and depending on the situation, align some of the track shoes to the left and right, so that the total length of the two tracks is equal.

3 Correctly adjust the tension of the crawler on the left and right sides; use the worn drive wheel to change the edge and eliminate the slippage of the crawler on the drive wheel.

4 Reasonably adjust the attachment point of the agricultural implement on the tractor so that the traction point can pass the vertical symmetrical money of the tractor so that the two sides of the tractor have the same load.

5 Try to avoid long-term use of one-way steering clutch, so that both sides of the walking system wear as consistent as possible.

All these measures can effectively solve and prevent crawler tractors from automatically listening to partial deviations.

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