Red cherry tomatoes are the most suitable

In an interview with the Gucheng Street in Shouguang City, it was discovered that the red tomatoes planted in the seedlings of Miao Miao grew gratifyingly, and the fruits weighed more than 200 grams. It can be said that all of them are fine fruits. After talking with the Miao master, the reporter found that he had a unique experience in keeping tomatoes.

It is understood that Miao masters have been planting powdered tomatoes before, are to leave fruit in each method to retain fruit 5 leaves fruit, this can not only promote fruit setting, but also can make the fruit to meet the requirements of border trade buyers, to achieve high-yield purposes. Since last year, Miao began to grow large red tomatoes. Because the growth of the red tomatoes is stronger than that of the powdered tomatoes, how to retain fruit to maximize benefits has become the most important issue for Miao’s masters.

Master Miao knows that the red tomatoes are stronger than the tomatoes. When growing red tomatoes last year, six fruits were collected per plant, except for the first fruit, which left three fruits, and the remaining fruit of each ear remained four fruits. At the same time, he also set aside three trials in the shed, one in accordance with the 7 ear fruit, the other in accordance with the 8 ear fruit, and are the first spike 3 fruit, and the remaining 4 fruit per panicle; One of the leaves is the six ear fruit, but it is the method of fruit retention according to the first ear three fruit, second ear, fourth ear, fourth ear fourth fruit, third ear, sixth ear.

He found that in accordance with the 6 ear fruit and 7 ear fruit retention, the same two fruit retention methods are conducive to the expansion of the fruit, the fruit type neat and consistent, no fruit is too large or too small, can not reach the border trade products The requirement of the phenomenon, the yield of 7 spikes should be high. While leaving six panicles, the fifth panicle and the sixth panicle remain five fruits, so that although the total amount of the remaining fruits is less than the remaining seven panicles, more nutrients will be used because the third ear has more fruit. The enlargement of the supply of fruits leads to the thinning of stems above the three panicles and the slow fruit growth, which leads to a decrease in yield and quality. The shortage of nutrient supply will result in the shortage of nutrients, resulting in slow fruit expansion and small fruit size. Nearly one-third of the fruits do not meet the criteria for the purchase of border trade fruits, so they can only sell goods. . The yield of tomatoes with 7 ear fruit and 8 ear fruit remained was similar, but the fruits with 7 ear fruits remained were all fine fruits and had the best benefit.

Master Miao is also daring to experiment and explore the growth characteristics of the red tomatoes and find the best combination of yield and quality, so as to achieve high-yield purposes.

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