Research: Gastric fat causes vitamin C to change from cancer suppression to cancer promotion

Release date: 2007-10-25

Research: Intragastric fat makes vitamin C from cancer inhibition to cancer promotion. Combet et al., University of Glasgow, UK, report that although vitamin C is known to prevent cancer, fat in the stomach can turn it into a cancer-promoting substance. The proximal stomach is the area most susceptible to cancer, and the researchers analyzed the effects of fat (fat) and vitamin C on the proximal stomach nitrite. Nitrite is present in human saliva and certain stored foods, and in acidic environments (such as the stomach) they can be converted to carcinogenic nitrosamines. However, vitamin C can inhibit the formation of nitrosamines by converting nitrite to nitric oxide. Combet et al. studied the effects of vitamin C on nitric acid thiocyanate in vitro under simulated human proximal gastric conditions. The results show that in the absence of fat, vitamin C inhibits the formation of nitric thiocyanate by converting the nitroso group to nitric oxide. Increasing vitamin C can reduce the amount of N-nitrosodimethylamine by a factor of 5 and N-nitrosomorpho by more than 1000 times, completely inhibiting N-nitrosodiethylamine and N-nitrosopiperidine. form. However, when 10% fat is present, vitamin C is compared with no vitamin C. The former makes the formation of N-nitrosodimethylamine, N-nitrosodiethylamine and N-nitrosopiperidine respectively. Increased by 8, 60, and 140 times. The researchers believe that in the presence of fat, the effect of vitamin C on nitrosylation is shifted from inhibition to promotion. The reason may be that vitamin C promotes the formation of nitric oxide in the aqueous phase, and in the presence of fat, nitric oxide reacts with oxygen to regenerate the nitrosylated material. ——Midi Medical Network

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