Rex how to aphrodisiac?

First, information aphrodisiac. Prior to mating, the female rabbits to be matched with the selected male rabbits are exchanged for cage positions. This method is simple and has a high success rate. However, the use of information aphrodisiac, female rabbits stay in the cage of rabbits must not be less than 24 hours.

Second, massage aphrodisiac. This method can be used in conjunction with information aphrodisiac. The method is to catch the female Rabbit that will be estrus, and gently massage to stimulate the vulva of the female rabbit for 2 minutes. When the vulva appears swollen and voluntarily raises the tail, the female rabbit is immediately placed in a male rabbit cage for breeding.

Third, the drug aphrodisiac. 5 hours before mating, the rabbits to be vaccinated were injected with rabbits to promote row 3, 1 ml per rabbit, and 10 grams of oral quick-acting aphrodisiac was added. The drug can be fed into the feed. After 5 hours of aphrodisiac, the female rabbits were placed in male rabbit cages for breeding. At intervals of 6 hours, use 1 rabbit again to mate 1 time. In the breeding process, if the female rabbit does not raise the tail, it is possible to massage the female genitalia for 2 to 3 minutes by hand, and it is generally acceptable to mate. If you still do not raise the tail, you can use manual assistance to complete the mating.

Soybean,also called soya Bean, is one of the important food crops in China, has five thousand years of cultivation history.  It`s commonly used to do all kinds of bean products, to extract soybean oil, brewing soy sauce and extraction of proteins. Bean dregs or soybean powders are also frequently used in livestock feed. Among 100 grams of soy are protein 36.3 grams, 18.4 grams fat, 25.3 g sugar, 412 kilocalorie quantity of heat, calcium, phosphorus 571 mg, 367 mg iron 11 mg, 0.79 mg 0.4 mg carotene, vitamin B1, vitamin B2 0.25 mg, 2.1 mg niacin. Soy contains many kinds of the human body necessities such as amino acid, unsaturated fatty acids, phospholipids, microelement, vitamin and high quality protein, is very helpful food for  the liver, high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis, heart disease and other cardiovascular.


Healthy Nutritious Self-planted Dried Soybean

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