Rice field duck technology

The ducklings in the paddy field are ducklings that are placed in the paddy field at a suitable time and surrounded by a grate. The ducks are kept in the paddy fields day and night, and a new breeding and supporting technology for the mutual harvest of rice and ducks is implemented. The specific procedures are as follows: 1. Pre-feeding preparation The use of bamboo, tree branches and other stalks to form 50 to 60 cm high, and the density of newly-fed ducklings can not pass through the fence for the degree, the rice field is surrounded by four and bamboo or Fixed wooden sticks to prevent ducks from fleeing. Plan to implement a paddy field in paddy fields. When transplanting, a small open space of 150 cm in width and 100 cm in width should be set in the middle of the field. Put a bamboo plate as a duck bed, preferably 20 cm above the water surface for ducks to rest. . Second, to cultivate healthy ducks to adapt to local conditions and use of precocious, adapted to the local feeding, viability and strong resistance to the strong ducks, cold ducks and ducks to adopt the main group of small groups of management techniques: (1) cold insulation. Freshly hatched young ducklings are frail and vulnerable to freezing damage. Cold insulation measures should be used. Dry straw short straw can be used in baskets. About 15 ducklings are placed in each basket and placed in a lee warm indoor room. Replace straw and keep it dry and clean. (2) Release water. After 10 to 15 days after hatching, the ducklings can release water in a short time and feed the animal feed appropriately. After 20 to 25 days, the water release time can be extended until the water is discharged all day long. (3) Strengthen management. During the breeding period, the death of individual ducklings is often caused by poor health management, resulting in digestive tract diseases or colds. We must strengthen management and pay attention to drinking water, feed and sanitation. In the early spring, when the cold wave comes, do not put water to prevent the ducklings from freezing. Three, age-old ducks into the field of 20 to 25 days of age, weighing about 150 to 200 grams of ducklings, you can put into the field, before entering the field should be immunized ducks. The stocking densities should be determined by the fertility of paddy fields and the abundance of bait in the fields. Generally, about 25 medium-fertilizer fields will be planted in the area, and about 30 in the upper-class fertility area. When the ducks enter the field, they should be returned to green in the morning and evening. If the ducks are released prematurely, the ducks will cause the slime to float, which will adversely affect the ecological benefits of mutual benefit between the ducks and the ducks. IV. Cultivating water feeds for ducks Paddy fields should do a good job in the production of aquatic feedstuffs that mainly support the cultivation of ducks and provide high quality green materials for ducks. After the seedlings return to green, 150 kg of Ping is planted per acre, 4-6 kg of calcium phosphate is applied every 5-6 days, and continuous application is performed 2 or 3 times. Fifth, do a good job feeding and management of young ducks into the field, should be appropriate in the early morning and evening feeding 1, according to the "feeding half-full early feeding late enough" principle of feeding. At the beginning, ducks can be used to feed ducks in the evening and become habits in the future. They will go to bed on their own. Usually pay attention to observe the growth of ducks, if found that the lack of natural food, feed should be properly fed. Sooner or later, we will step up inspections at Tanabe to check if the fences are intact, find loopholes, and deal with them in a timely manner. Sixth, timely recovery of ducks, ducks, ducks, commensal combination of "double-season double-season breeding ducks", "middle rice, rice breeding double-season ducks", "a season of rice raising a season duck", "rebirth rice a single raising season duck" Wait. Regardless of the method used, it should be arranged to promptly reclaim Tiancheng ducks before the rice matures. Because, at this time, the weight of the duck has generally grown to about 2 kilograms, and the feed intake is extremely strong. If it is not recovered in time, it will eat fast-mature rice and cause rice production loss. If there are individuals that cannot be listed at this time, they must also be "turned into fields" to prevent them from eating corn.

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