Rice herb fertilizer "Gold Rice Dragon" applied successfully

Developed by the Agricultural University and produced by Guangxi Le Tu Agricultural Chemicals Co., Ltd., a high-tech product, “rice rice fertilizer” “Jin Daolong”. Rice herbicide fertilizer "Jindaolong" was successfully applied. The product characteristics of the rice herbicide fertilizer “Jindaolong” are as follows: First, the herbicidal action is prominent, and the new technology of weeding is more clean and thorough with the new technology; second, the fertilizer effect is obvious. During the use of the product, rice growth material and Trace elements have twice the fertilizer effect as ordinary compound fertilizers. Rice shows rapid greening and thickening, dark green leaves, disease resistance, lodging resistance, and multiple grain filling effects; the third is “Jindaolong” herbicide fertilizer. Contains soil conditioners, which can loosen the soil after use to prevent soil compaction and promote the development of crop root systems. In particular, one application can achieve the purpose of fertilizing, weeding and loosening soil, reducing the number of processes, saving time and costs, and bringing farmers Real benefits. According to relevant data, the product was tested for field efficacy of rice weeds in five regions (Guangxi, Jiangxi, Hubei, Nanjing, and Sichuan) in two years. The test report shows that the product has a good control effect on weeds in paddy field and has obvious effect on rice production, and has good economic and social benefits. The technical content of this product is in the advanced level of domestic pharmaceutical fertilizers. In 2003, it was awarded the key support projects for the transformation of agricultural scientific and technological achievements (500,000 yuan for free) by the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Science and Technology. This is the only product in the domestic pharmaceutical fertilizer industry that has won this honor.

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